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8 Stylish camera bags for women

Forget the ugly stock camera bag that came with your DSLR. These stylish camera bags for women do extra duty as a purse, holding all of your favorite essentials.

The lack of options available for camera bags is frustrating for female photographers. Often, women are forced to tote around a sad-looking DSLR camera bag in addition to their regular purse because of lack of space. Or they shove their not-so-cheap DSLR camera straight in their purse, risking damage to the camera body or scratching the viewfinder or lenses. Luckily, we’ve hunted down a few stylish camera bag options that won’t make you stick out like a tourist, yet still have enough room for your wallet and lip gloss.

Kelly Moore Bag

Libby camera bag in sapphire,, $249

Libby bag in sapphire,, $249

This camera bag from Kelly Moore Bag Store comes in a delicious sapphire color that makes it look like it’s simply a stylish work tote. The water-resistant bag not only holds a camera body with attached lens, but it will also hold up to a 17” laptop. The roomy exterior pockets provide easy access to essentials.

Epiphanie bags

Ginger camera bag in sapphire,, $165

Ginger bag in slate blue,, $165

No geeky camera bags here! The bags from Epiphanie are super-versatile and will fit in anywhere, from a professional photo shoot to a girls’ night out. The interior Velcro panels can be easily adjusted for customized storage and flexibility. The light-colored interior makes it easier to find camera accessories.


The Brooklyn camera bag in chestnut,, $309

The Brooklyn in chestnut,, $309

When we asked the very fashionable photographer Jamie Beck for her camera bag recommendations, she suggested checking out ONA bags. According to their website, the word ona in Swahili means, “to feel,” “to believe” and “to experience with the eyes.” While that may be true of photography (especially Jamie Beck’s stunning cinemagraphs), it also captures the essence of ONA’s bags. This replica of a 1940s schoolbag is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather and has multiple pockets, making it both stylish and functional.


The Bossi Bag,, $159

The Bossi Bag,, $159

This fashionable camera bag from THEIT could easily compete with the latest “it bag.” Perfect for blogging fashionistas looking to photograph the hottest street trends, this bag has detachable cross-body straps with metallic details. The fully removable insert allows you to customize the camera bag to fit multiple needs.

Jill-e Designs

Everywear Gadget Bag in Nougat,, $100

Everywear Gadget Bag in Nougat,, $100

This weather-resistant nylon camera bag from Jill-E Designs is an affordable option with bold style. The padded exterior walls protect your photography gear, while the interior space is roomy enough to carry around an iPad or tablet computer. We love the combination of neutral nylon and brown leather trim for a safari feel.


Cologne bag in Idle Turquoise,, $307

Cologne bag in Idle Turquoise,, $307

Established in 2010 in Latvia by two young entrepreneurs, POMPIDOO is quickly becoming a hit in the global marketplace with their vibrant, colorful camera bags. This turquoise exterior is on trend with this year’s obsession with mint-hued accessories, while the striped interior adds a nice touch of whimsy.


Tote & Shoot camera bag in red,, $229

Tote & Shoot in red,, $229

Shootsac, based in Southern California, claims to provide a “handsome, hands-free, no ego, so-comfortable-you-can-forget-about-it, lens carrying assistant no matter where you shoot.” That pretty much sums it up, but special credit must be given to the side-loading pocket, allowing for easy access. The camera bag is also available in black or silver.

Jo Totes

Betsy in mustard,, $119

Betsy in mustard,, $119

Jo Totes offers several cute camera bag options (keep an eye out for this Georgia plaid one coming soon), but this one caught our eye with its vibrant color. Protective foam throughout the bag keeps your camera gear safe and the main compartment closes with a zipper, to help keep purse essentials from falling out.

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