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Spring’s hot colors for living rooms

When the warmer weather of spring arrives, many of us start thinking about home renovation projects. It’s no wonder we often want to start with the living room – it’s where we spend a ton of our time. Give your living room a makeover using one (or more!) of these hot spring colors.

Simple orange accented living room

It’s where you hang out with your family, it’s where you bring your guests, and it’s where you land when you have a moment to yourself. Your living room plays a pretty big role in your house, so keep it looking fresh. Try one of these hot spring colors to breathe new life into your space.


Lemon yellow is just as it sounds, bright and cheery, much like a lemon. It looks great paired with dark wood and beige or brown fabrics. If you need another color, accent it with lime green. The two really go well together and make your room pop. Make it even more “springy” by adding shades of pink — it’ll feel like you’ve stepped inside a spring garden.

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Tangerine is a big color this spring, and it doesn’t stop short of your living room. Go big by painting one or two walls tangerine (or all four if you’re really brave), or use the color for just a few accent pieces. Tangerine looks great paired with turquoise and shades of brown, but it can be fun when paired with greens, as well. One word to the wise — this color is super bright. A little bit goes a long way, so if you choose it for a wall color you won’t need much of it anywhere else!

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A light shade of lime green is taking a big stand this spring. Paint the walls in this color and use other, darker shades of green for accent pieces. It may sound like a hodge-podge, but it will come together beautifully.

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Sky blue

Sky blue is light and delicate, and it sets the perfect background for some of this spring’s bigger colors. Use the shade as a wall color, and accent your room with bright yellow and line green for a Cape Cod feel, no matter where you are.

Quick Tip

Paint your walls a neutral color like beige or light yellow. Switch out throw pillows, blankets and window coverings each season for a whole new look in under an hour!

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