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Spring’s hot colors for kitchens

Spring is the perfect time for a kitchen makeover. Choose one of the hot colors of the season to bring your kitchen up to speed.

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Your kitchen is probably one of the busiest rooms in your house. Even if it’s not, it’s probably where you spend most of your time. Make sure it’s a room you enjoy spending time by bringing in some of the hot colors for kitchens this spring. Go all the way with paint and a total makeover, or add a few new pieces to add a bit more color to what you’ve already got.


Aqua blue has been a big color around the rest of the home for years, and now it’s finally making its way into the kitchen. It’s a subtle color that’s cool and clean, so it adds a crisp feeling to your kitchen. Keep things understated by mixing it with neutral tans or yellows, or go bold by combining aqua blue with bright red. Those two colors may sound like they should never be in the same place, but put them together and you’ll have a beautiful room that really pops.


When has red not been a good color for a kitchen? What does seem to change from time to time is the shade of red, though the color itself stays put in this part of the house. Right now, the hot shade of red is a bright, true red. Say goodbye to shades of cherry, cranberry and burgundy. The “in” red for kitchen is bright, vibrant, and made to be seen.

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Mint green is a color that makes a lot of us think of our grandmother’s kitchen, but it’s making a comeback in a big way. Mint green has made a place for itself in shabby chic homes and country kitchens everywhere. Go all in by painting your cabinets mint green and using light shades of brown and white for your accent pieces. Throw in a few copper pots, and you’ll have a kitchen that looks like it stepped right out of a magazine.


Go big or go home with this color. Forget about light, canary yellows. This spring brings blindingly bright shades of yellow that make you think of a summer’s day. If you go with this color, you don’t need much else. Pair it with white, and if you really want another color, use it just for small accents. Royal blue and bright red go well with this vibrant shade.

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Pink is not a color that we often associate with kitchens, but this spring it’s making its place. Pinks are showing up all over in appliances big and small, as well as in bowls, kitchen towels and more. Start small with this color, using it as an accent color with yellows or mint green. If you find you like having a kitchen that’s all done up in pretty pink, add more.

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Quick Tip

Before you make expensive changes like appliances, start small to see how you like that color in your kitchen.

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