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Fun accent pieces for spring place settings

Simple home items can turn into fun spring accent pieces by adding a little pizzazz. Here are some exciting ideas to get you in the spring of things.

bird themed table decor

Bird’s nests with eggs

A great spring accent piece for a place setting is a bird’s nest with eggs. Bird’s nests can be purchased with or without the eggs at most HomeGoods stores. If purchased without, dye fresh eggs or paint porcelain eggs to match your color scheme. Since nests tend to be a neutral color, choose bright, gem colors for the eggs to make them stand out.

Birds & birdcages

In addition to faux birds, another great accent piece for spring place settings is a birdcage. Birds can be strategically placed in floral settings or about the table. Add a birdcage as a centerpiece with small, freshly-cut flowers. No need to run to the pet store for the birdcage, HomeGoods carries a variety of colors to fit the theme of your tablescape.

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Eggs are a wonderful and simple accent for any place setting. Use crayons or permanent markers to adorn eggs with guests’ names and place in glass jars or vases. Eggs can also be scattered among the table and “hidden” under napkins to surprise guests. Purchase plastic eggs for long term use or hardboil and dye eggs if using the table setting for guests within a short time period.

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Jellybeans are all around during the spring season and are a fun, inexpensive accent piece. Add to glass vases on their own or as a place-holder for fake flowers. Use glass jars to separate colors (pink, purple, yellow, etc.) and top with pearls or handmade spring garland. Jellybeans can also be scattered around a solid-colored tablecloth for a fun, eye-catching accent.

Easter baskets

Easter baskets are a great way to add fun to place settings. They are offered in a variety of colors and textures, so you are bound to find one that fits your color scheme. Affix paper Mache flowers or wrap neutral colored baskets with pastel garland. Fill baskets with bright, colored Peeps and eggs for a playful setting or with low-cut flowers for a chic look.

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Flower Pots

Flower pots aren’t just for flowers anymore. Add jellybeans (see above) or fill with Easter garland and Peeps. Pots can also be used as a placeholder for a cupcake bouquet or a Peep-inspired wreath. Paint flower pots to match your spring theme or use natural-colored pots for bright color accents.

Watering cans

Use watering cans found at discount stores like HomeGoods as a fun spring accent to hold flowers. Paint a fun color or leave silver and adorn with ribbon. Place as a centerpiece for a spring tablescape or use for hanging plants above the table setting.

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