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Creating a spring centerpiece for under $25

Is your home decor suffering from a case of the winter blues? If so, put some spring back into your step with seasonal decor that warms your heart. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to freshen up your home for spring. We’ll show you how to create a decorative centerpiece for less than $25!

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Use what you’ve got

If you shop til you drop with each shift of the wind, you’ll soon find that keeping up with seasonal decor is both costly and exhausting. Instead of hitting the mall, look around your home for items you already own that can be adapted to fit your seasonal scheme. Vases, baskets, bowls and even accessory items make great starters for your centerpiece without chipping away at your budget.

Indulge your sweet tooth

December is not the only month of the year when it’s OK to indulge your sweet-tooth. Spring brings a playful atmosphere, and nothing says fun like candy. Fill glass vases with M&Ms, Jelly Bellies or even Peeps to create a centerpiece that brings out the kid in you (and everyone else!). Add flowers to create a floral arrangement or branches to create a spring tree. For an extra touch, try hanging spring-themed ornaments from the branches of your tree.

Grab some groceries

For a healthier spring-themed centerpiece take a trip to your local supermarket. Pick up items like oranges, lemons and limes, then display them in decorative vases, bowls or baskets. If you’re using a glass vase, try slicing your fruit to create contrasting colors in your display. Add water and flowers for a festive floral piece or candles for added ambiance.

Beyond the citrus family, look for produce with vibrant colors and fresh shapes. Pistachios for example, show hints of green beneath their smooth shells, creating a subtle, modern feel. When using produce that hints of spring, be sure to play up the rest of your centerpiece. Add festive ribbon or fabric for an extra pop of seasonal flair.

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Pick some flowers

We all know floral arrangements can be pricey, so creating your own bouquets is a great way to save some cash. Spring is a great time to find natural blooms that make perfect accents, sometimes in your own backyard. Take time to stop and smell the roses — or this time of year, daffodils or lilacs — in your garden, then snip a few stems to add to your centerpiece. If you don’t have a garden, visit your local supermarket to purchase a small bunch of flowers. Grocery stores have several types of flowers available, and bundles are usually available within the $5 to $20 range.

Splurge on spring flair

Creating a centerpiece is a fun little project, but let’s face it, we live busy lives. Just because you’re pinched for time doesn’t mean seasonal decor is out of reach, though. Spring is a great time to visit your favorite home decor retailers to see their new lines. Many stores exchange their merchandise seasonally and stock the latest trends. To get more bang for your buck, visit retailers like HomeGoods, which offer stylish decor with lower prices than department stores.

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