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Natural pet grooming

It comes as no surprise that you love your pet like family and want to give Fluffy or Fido all the same opportunities to live a healthy, happy life that you have.

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When it comes to grooming your pet, do you use products that are kind to them and also to the environment?

To get the best information on natural pet grooming products, I went straight to the source. Mikel Sacher, own of Fur by JMikel, says, “More and more we are learning that the health of our animals is as important as for the ‘hu-moms.’ I actually have become more aware of healthy diets since having my dog Zachary, who will turn 18 in summer 2012! I use coconut oil, which is rich in amino acids, turmeric for joints, cinnamon to lessen his sensitivity to sugars, which are everywhere (think carrots) and basically have him on a gluten-free diet – before it was vogue for people.”

While those components are very beneficial for the insides, I asked Sacher how the natural ingredients are also beneficial to the environment. “The environment is benefited by all good choices. My line has the benefits of moringa seed extract, which is used to purify water in India and works as a natural flea and tick repellent,” she explains. “By using good, beneficial products, you can avoid loading up on medications and keep your dog healthier; you can be proactive versus reactive. Fur products are also super-mild and long-lasting, which is environmentally sound — and economically sound, too.”

Here are a few more sources for natural pet grooming products:

  • Tropiclean offers multiple products including an oral hygiene line. Their Fresh Breath Chews are made with mint, parsley and dill and help remove plaque and tartar. You can combine fun and health care for your dog with the LiquidFloss TriFlossball. The rope ball absorbs the Liquidfloss, massaging your pets’ gums and flossing teeth while your pet is enjoying some fun.
  • We’ve all heard about the benefits of the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, right? Well, Royal Pet Club offers wild Alaskan salmon oil for both cats and dogs, which promotes gorgeous and healthy skin and fur for your pet. The oil is made from wild, not farm-raised, salmon, ensuring quality in every bottle.
  • Orange Dog is a natural dog shampoo and deodorizer made with Florida orange peels, all-natural, 100 percent pure orange oil, natural d-Limonene and terpenes. Because of its vegan ingredients it makes a great gift for the vegan with pets in your life.
  • Like people, pets can have skin issues. Only Natural Pet Skin and Itch Homeopathic Remedy brings together the holistic healing process of homeopathy with natural ingredients to soothe and restore the health of your precious pet’s skin.

Why not give your pets the same opportunity to live a life with natural healing therapies and ingredients you can pronounce, just as you do? The same chemicals that are in our personal grooming products likely show up in those for your pets, and you have so many better alternatives! Make natural and eco-friendly products a priority for you pets, especially if they are experiencing any skin or other health-related issues. Fluffy and Fido will certainly thank you.

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