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Unique wallpaper options

When you think of wallpaper, do you tend to roll your eyes and envision the scary patterns or dull, boring colors of the early ‘70’s? Well, snap out of it!

Wallpaper trends

Photo credit: Doug James

Wall coverings, along with so many other things in our world, have reinvented themselves and landed smack in the middle of modern living. Imagine that!

Textures are a popular trend in wallpaper, and one of the most exciting and whimsical involves glitter — yes, glitter! Handmade glitter wallpaper is the creation of Doug James, owner of Atlanta-based Papier Brilliant. When we asked him about the inspiration for his designs, he explained how he began working with glitter years ago as an artist, adding it to small paintings to make them pop. “One morning I had a vision of a beautiful dining room bathed in candlelight with glitter-covered walls in a classic red William Morris style motif. It seemed at little crazy at the time, but that’s been my inspiration ever since,” he explains. James loves the feminine quality of floral patterns and says, “I’m working on a new collection inspired by lingerie. Soft delicate pastel colors for the boudoir, of course!”

Raised prints in wallpaper add dimension to any room and can be used on a single wall to create a focal point or to give the illusion of a bigger or smaller space. Often used with minimalist decor to help it stand out, raised-print wallpapers could just eliminate the need for other art on your walls.

Digital printing is a great way to be the master of your own wallpaper design, as you can have photos blown up and made into custom murals. Kids, pets, a favorite vacation photo — all are just waiting to be showcased on your walls in a brand-new way.

In New York, The Alpha Workshops have been making hand-painted wallpaper since 2001. They employ workers who are HIV-positive and provide them with training and employment in the decorative arts. The Texture Collection offers a luminous aura for your walls while the Painted Papers bring new meaning to patterns such as bamboo, butterflies and sunflowers.

Wall decals, which can be easily applied and removed on a whim, make a great option for kids’ bedrooms or playrooms, and they can change as they kids tastes do. Available in all sizes, shapes and colors, wall decals can be used for borders, to help separate spaces or to brighten up a small nook or corner. This simple way to customize your own wallpaper, with little expense, makes a fun weekend project for the family.

If you’re bored with paint and are looking to liven up your home, consider what the new wallpapers can bring to your decor. Far from bland and blah, wallpaper has entered the 21st century and is forging ahead.

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