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Get the look: The dog days of spring

Spring is here and you’ll likely be pulling out your spring dresses and colorful accessories. Don’t let your dog miss out on the fun of spring. We’ve rounded up the best spring looks for dogs and their owners, plus some tips to keep your dog safe this season.

Spring fashionable dog

Before you hit the mall or the pet store for a round of spring shopping, you should look for a few things to keep your pets safe. As flowers begin to bloom, be sure to keep your pets away from lily-of-the-valley, which can be toxic to dogs and cats. Meanwhile, the Easter lily is especially toxic to cats. Other garden items to be careful with are fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers. Even if the product is dry, if your pets ingest weeds or plant debris that was sprayed with poison, it could be harmful. Cocoa mulch can be harmful to your dogs if they ingest large amounts of it. Avoid using it in any garden beds your dog has easy access to.

Easter baskets are common this time of year, and while we know chocolate bunnies are a no-go for dogs, other items, like different types of candy and even the grass used in the bottom of the basket can be harmful to your pets. Keep all Easter goodies out of their reach.

As the weather warms up, bugs will start to make an appearance once again. Most people consider ticks and fleas when they think about dogs and bugs, but dogs can be bit by anything humans can. Spiders, mosquitoes and various other insects can make your dog sick, so keep your eye out for any sores, itching or changes in behavior.

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In bloom

Floral prints are big in the human fashion world. Dogs can take part in the flowers of spring with anything from toys to collars to dresses of their very own. We’re partial to this bloom-covered dog bowl, which is sure to brighten up their daily kibble.

Floral prints for human and dog

Anthropologie dress $198, Floral food dish $44, Daisy collar $100,
Floral wedges $70, Floral dog dress $18

Pretty in pink

Pastels are in season, and we are particularly in love with all things pink. Get the look by pairing your favorite pink items with collars, leashes and, of course, toys for your four-legged friend. Dogs may be color-blind but we like to think they will enjoy wearing pretty shades of pink just as much as we do.

Dog and human pink fashions

Anthropologie dress $158, Coach dog collar $78, Coach clutch $198,
Juicy Couture dog shirt $35, Bunny toy $10, Pink dog bed $40

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