Lip liner know how

Often looked over in the makeup bag, lip liner can add polish and pop to your overall look. Make it work for you by following a few simple tips that will lead to beautiful lips.

Woman with lip liner

Neatly defined

Lip liner gives lips a neatly-defined edge and can be used to help your lips stand out — a major benefit since they are one of the first features that people recognize in others. It also provides a nice guide for lipstick application and can help keep your lipstick from bleeding or fading fast.

Similar to eyeliner, most lip liners are hard pencils and need to be sharpened. There are mechanical versions as well. This type of liner does not need to be sharpened, but it can be more difficult to work with and make a precise line.

Store your lip liner in the refrigerator to keep it firm and smudge-free during application.

Pick a color

When you choose a lip liner color, pick one that will blend with your lipstick. Avoid choosing a color that is too light or too dark. Ultimately, it shouldn’t stand out — your lip liner should be your little secret. If you can’t find an exact match to your lipstick, it’s always better to choose a shade that’s lighter than your lipstick. It will be much easier to work with.

Typically optional, there is one situation in which lip liner becomes mandatory. If you wear red lipstick, then it’s important to wear a liner with it. This color needs a little extra bleed-protection, and a little liner will help to keep your bold look polished.

Apply yourself

Easy to apply, it’s important to take your time to get delicately defined lines. Start with a proper foundation, and make sure that lips are completely clean before you apply any liner. This includes making sure that they are free of chapstick or even clear lip gloss. Once they are clean, you can add a touch of powder to your lips which will help the liner last longer.

Sharpen the pencil before each time you apply. This helps remove any dirt or bacteria. Draw a thin line along the upper lip in small, light strokes. Work your way from the outer corners of the mouth to the center. Repeat on the bottom lip and then lightly color in the rest of your lips with the pencil.

Apply lipstick, blot and go!

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