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Ready to FACE summer? Skin care tips

After a long, cold winter you want to put your best face forward as the first days of summer begin. Harsh, cold temperatures, wind and drying indoor heat can all leave skin dry, flaky and dull. But you can leave that winter skin behind by using these skin care tips to bring back a fresh, smooth summer face.

Woman with facial mask

Deep cleansing facial mask

Deep cleaning your face will remove stubborn dirt and dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull. Choose a deep cleansing facial mask that works well with your skin type. A clay mask works well for oily skin because it removes excess oil and deep-cleans pores. For dry skin, choose a moisturizing mask that will rejuvenate the skin and plump up pores. Use an exfoliating mask for dull skin that you wish to brighten, and for mature skin, look for a firming, moisturizing mask. Using a deep-cleansing facial mask will help bring out that fresh summer glow.

Deep moisturizing

Winter can make skin dull and lifeless, especially if you already have dry skin. After cleansing your face with a facial mask or scrub, try using a rich moisturizer that works well with your skin type. A heavy cream moisturizer works best for dry and mature skin while a light moisturizer works well for oily skin. For radiant skin, look for a moisturizer that contains emollients and humectants. These key ingredients help restore moisture deep within the skin and make it look smooth and fresh for hours. Always moisturize at night before bedtime so your skin can absorb the cream thoroughly.

Remove facial hair

Don’t let unsightly facial hair get in the way of a fresh summer look. There are safe and easy ways to remove it at home without irritating or damaging your skin. Try a depilatory like the Nair Face Roll-On Wax Kit. The roll-on applicator makes it easy to apply the sugar wax mixture, and it easily rinses off of skin, leaving your skin smooth for up to eight weeks. Removing facial hair will help your face look fresh and clear with summer makeup or without.

Glow with a powder bronzer

Give your skin that sun-kissed look without damaging it with harmful ultraviolet rays by using a powder bronzer with your makeup or alone. Powder bronzer applied lightly to the cheeks, forehead, temples, jawline, chin and neck brightens your skin and gives it that fresh, tanned look. Be sure to choose the correct color for your skin. A bronzer should be only one shade darker than your own skin so it blends well. Use peach or honey tones on light skin, golden or rose tones on medium skin and coppery or cinnamon tones on darker skin.

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