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Outdoor enthusiasts convene in a world that seems utterly opposite to their passion — the internet. While it might seem like the exact opposite of being “outdoorsy,” outdoor blogging brings backpackers, hikers, bikers and other outdoorsy types together to share ideas, adventures and news. Here are a few outdoor blogs worth following and passing on to the tree huggers in your life.

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Adventure Journal is non-traditional in that it doesn’t chronicle one person’s journey, but rather highlights the journeys of outdoor enthusiasts as a group. This blog covers a variety of topics, including current events, green design, gear reviews, famous outdoor types and more. One part travel blog, one part green-living website, Adventure Journal is all about loving the Earth and enjoying it while we’re here.


Sometimes the best inspiration comes from someone’s personal story, and here, the blogger known as “Steve” hosts his journal live for everyone to see. In 2004, Steve bought a round-the-world plane ticket and decided to leave his job to see the sights. For a full year, he backpacked around the world, meeting new people, eating new food and experiencing new ideas and events. “I never looked back once,” Steve writes. “It was the most memorable, fun-packed year of my life — so how could I possibly keep it to myself?” While he’s no longer traveling, his adventures still inspire others to hit the road.


There’s nothing like a little bit of girl power for inspiration. “The outdoor industry is male-focused, but us gals are buying most of the gear! That ain’t right,” the website says on its homepage. “We think that it’s time for ladies to take center stage right beside the men.” The Gear Gals not only review gear with women in mind, but also interview famous female outdoor enthusiasts and write frequent posts about female-related outdoors issues.


Getoutdoors.com is an all-encompassing outdoor blog that shows off the latest gear, cool outdoor news and the latest updates about celebrity outdoorsmen (and women). The blog also offers resources to plan a trip, find a hiking spot and learn about what you’ll need to hit the trail.


True to its name, neverstopexploring.com is all about finding adventure in your everyday life. With sections devoted to getting out with the kids, sustainability, athletic challenges, news, events and more, Never Stop Exploring never stops updating the blogs that matter most to their readers.

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