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Our favorite hiking websites

Hiking and computers seem like two entirely different worlds, but the internet connects outdoor fanatics every day. Hiking websites prove that the outdoors and technology don’t have to be at war. Instead, they can work together to provide users the best hiking experience. Here are a few websites that offer great hiking resources, helping you get away from it all — if only for a few hours.

woman on laptop knows that hiking isn’t just a hobby — it’s a lifestyle, too. The website encompasses all aspects of hiking, from finding the right trail by region, to hiking news and features that are of interest to outdoor enthusiasts. Beautifully designed and laid out, GORP acts as a guide to other outdoor activities as well, including fishing, horseback riding, sailing, biking, surfing and more.

It’s the official website of the American Hiking Society, so they’re bound to know a thing or two about getting to the trails. is a go-to source for hiking readiness, especially for those long treks through the Grand Canyon or Appalachian Trail. In their “hiking resources” section, you’ll find out what kind of clothing you should wear, what you should take and what skills you’ll need to survive and thrive during your hike. is an all-encompassing resource for hiking. If you’re a hiking newbie, head to their “Outdoor 101” section. There, you’ll find information about how to master outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, fishing and more. Think you’re ready? Head over to their trail finder, where you can narrow a comprehensive list of trails by city and state. Still have more questions? The forums connect you with other outdoor enthusiasts so you can ask questions and discuss the topics that are important to you.

The interactive website that complements Backpacker Magazine is a great resource for reading up on the latest backpacking news and gear reviews. Read features about trails from coast to coast, get in touch with your survival skills and read Q&As from professional hikers and backpackers. Plus, their trail finder breaks your search down by zip code, city, state, park or trail length. Click “community” to interact with other hikers and learn more about the backpacking lifestyle. Whether you’re a weekend warrior looking to get out of the city for a bit or a professional wanderer, offers incredible resources for safety, backpacking meet-ups, lowering your carbon footprint and more.

The great outdoors

Discover popular outdoor adventures where you live with our Outdoor Activities Guide. From hiking trails to balloon rides, we’ve got you covered. What are you waiting for? Mother Nature awaits!

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