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Do you need an interior designer?

After visiting websites like and watching reality TV shows that spotlight home remodeling projects, you may become inspired to redecorate and renovate your home.

Interior designer at work

Before you dive into the project, it’s important to ask yourself one question: Realistically, can I complete this project successfully on my own?

If there’s even a shred of doubt in your response, consider consulting an interior designer for help. Too many homeowners assume they can do the job themselves and end up with results that are costly and disappointing. With the help of an interior designer, you’re more likely to end up with results that actually exceed your expectations.

Here are several great reasons to hire an interior designer to manage your project.

Piggy bankSave money

Whether you’re planning to make over a single room or your entire home, be aware that expenses can quickly soar. At first, you may believe that hiring an interior designer is an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately, when trying to tackle the project yourself, you may actually end up blowing your budget to complete the project successfully.

Kati Curtis, principal of Nirmada Interior Design, explains that an interior designer can help you create an overall vision for your project, including a practical schedule and budget. “With good drawings and specifications, a designer can ensure that your project won’t have costly overruns and change orders,” she says.

Hone in on the best options

In the design industry, there’s an overwhelming number of options to choose from when establishing how a room or specific area will look and function. While it’s great to have options, it can be difficult to narrow them down to the best selection for your budget, resources and personal taste. An interior designer can help eliminate options that aren’t a practical fit.

Interior designer Brigitte Beltran says, “There are lots of technical considerations to take into account aside from creating a beautiful, unified look. From creating a concept and drafting plans to selecting materials and finishes properly, there is a big array of choices available in the marketplace today, particularly with the Internet. Selection can be difficult and costly if the client makes the wrong choices of materials and installation and everything needs to be redone.”

Tying decorative elements together

If you’re mystified about issues such as which colors complement each other, which furniture styles would look best in your home or how to create an attractive and cohesive look from room to room, enlist the expertise of a designer.

According to Betty Scott of Aspen Leaf Interiors, “The architectural and planning stages of new construction are a great time to consult with an interior designer. When the floor plans are being created, an interior designer can review the overall flow of the home, often giving expertise on kitchen and bath configurations as well as help achieving a home that is truly customized to the client.”

Project done by todayComplete projects on time

Are you in a time crunch to get your project finished by a specific date? This is an ideal situation to invest in an interior designer. Scott explains, “Contractors appreciate the use of an interior designer on a project to keep it moving along. Delays in construction can occur when clients are struggling to make selections or finalize layouts and designs. Interior designers keep the schedule in mind and walk the clients through the proper channels and order of decisions so contractors can keep moving forward without delays.”

Discover little-known resources

Scott further explains that interior designers have access to a vast selection of products, materials and furnishings that are only available to the trade. “For homeowners who wish for a unique look, contacting an interior designer is the best way to accomplish this,” she says.

Ensure top quality

Unless you or your spouse has worked on electrical, plumbing or construction projects, you’re probably not familiar with quality standards and safety codes. An interior designer can ensure that projects are completely properly, so that you don’t invest more time and money fixing errors down the road.

Curtis explains, “A professional designer understands the construction process and will manage contractors and subcontractors, schedule material and vendor deliveries, and inspect a job to make sure that it’s being built in accordance with their plan. Our clients are typically extremely busy New York professionals who would never be able to manage this process on their own.”

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