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10 Best jeans under $100

Have you gone jeans shopping lately? It’s horrifying to realize that name brand jeans often cost $200, $300 or even more! Don’t let yourself become enslaved to your jeans budget — check out this roundup of the 10 best jeans under $100 that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Trend perfect

Trend perfect jeans

  1. Blank NYC Regular Rise Super Skinny in Golden Child, $88
  2. dENiZEN Totally Shaping Skinny Fashion Pocket Mid Rise Jean in Sphinx Gray, $28
  3. Standards & Practices Stilt Walker in Salmon Rose, $88

Nothing’s hotter in denim right now than brightly colored skinny jeans. Rather than spend beaucoup bucks on a pair that may not be in style a year from now, pick up high-quality, inexpensive options like those from Blank NYC, dENiZEN or Standards & Practices, all of which come in under $100.

If you’re not sure how to make colored denim work, start with a gray pair of jeans and jazz them up with a fun tank and a hot pair of heels in brighter colors. When you dive into yellow, pink or even orange denim, keep your top a more demure shade and pair them with a nude pump or flat.

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Work appropriate

Work approrpiate jeans

  1. Big Star Khloe Mid Rise Trouser in Gaze, $94
  2. dENiZEN Totally Shaping Fashion Pocket Mid Rise Boot Jean in Billi, $25
  3. Big Star Remy Low Rise Boot in Blanka, $89

When wearing jeans to work, it’s important that you keep it classy. Lindsay Weiner, owner of Style Me NY, Style Me DC and Style Me ASAP, says that when choosing jeans for work, “there is a fine line between appropriate and inappropriate. Look for denim in darker shades, and opt for plain, unadorned denim. When it comes to cut and fit, look for denim in a boot cut, straight leg or trouser style.”

To keep things classy without forking over your entire paycheck, try the Big Star Khloe Mid Rise Trouser or the dENiZEN Totally Shaping Fashion Pocket Mid Rise Boot Jeans. The dark washes with same-colored stitching can’t go wrong in a work setting.

For another fun workplace option, try white or black denim. Both can be dressed up to look work-appropriate without feeling like you’re stuck in uncomfortable slacks.

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Weekend wearable

Weekend wearable

  1. Blank NYC Slim Bootcut in Dirty Bird, $88
  2. Frederick’s of Hollywood Distressed Sequin Jean, $56
  3. No nonsense Solid Skinny Jeans Leggings in Navy, $25
  4. Victoria’s Secret Low Five Bootcut Jeans in Clean Blue, $70

When it comes to the weekend, practically anything goes, but the perfect pair of jeans will depend heavily on what you’re doing. Rather than invest your savings in a single pair of dungarees, break up your budget and fill your wardrobe with a variety of styles to suit every occasion: 

  • Heading out on the town? Try the Frederick’s of Hollywood Distressed Sequin Jeans or the No nonsense Solid Skinny Jeans Leggings.
  • Hitting the sideline for your kids’ soccer game? We love the Victoria’s Secret Low Five Bootcut Jeans.
  • Having brunch with friends? You can’t go wrong with the casual but classy Blank NYC Slim Bootcut.

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