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What’s the best pair of jeans for you?

Jeans are amazing and look great dressed up or dressed down. And we all want a pair that will flatter our shape and make us look smashing! Whether you are looking to get out of your “mom jeans” or just want to update your style, here is a great guide to finding a good pair of jeans for all body types.

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Vertically challenged ladies have no worries in the denim department, as there are plenty of styles available to fit the tiny frame. Look for the popular skinny jean in short, or roll the regular length for an in-style, retro look. Ankle jeans will look smashing in any color for petite ladies, but avoid ankle jeans that are cuffed — these can make you look shorter than necessary. For a leaner look, shop dark denim.


For the die-hard athletic women and ladies who love the gym, jeans can be a great way to show off your dedication. Denim with embroidery and flaps will highlight your glutes and leave legs looking just as good as they do in short shorts. Pockets with a higher back will assist in showing off the hours spent doing squats.

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Women who are curvy at the bottom have little to worry about when looking for jeans. Boot cut styles and trouser jeans do the most to flatter your physique. Stick with solid dyes to avoid unnecessary attention to the thighs. If worried about love handles, midrise is the perfect fit.


Apple ladies need not fear the denim! Jeans will look great on you if you purchase distressed or lighter washes, as this will bring attention to the jean and your hot, thin legs. Find a cute pair with a little bit of wear and tear, or find some you like and make a DIY project of it.

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If you’re a bootyliscious babe, don’t be afraid to show off what your mama gave you. Shop for jeans with smaller pockets to accentuate your behind and pass up on embellishments and flaps, which can make your bottom appear larger. If you’re a mom who’s looking to hide a leftover baby bulge, choose a dark-washed boot cut that comes across belly, rather than above or below.


According to Stacey London of TLC’s What Not to Wear, the difficulty of finding jeans for women of taller stature is a thing of the past. Jeans are now made a bit longer, giving tall women carte blanche to try just about any style. If you are still finding length a challenge, take out the hem or shop online boutiques dedicated to tall women — you can easily find jeans with inseams up to 38 inches. And, keep in mind, darker denim will help show off your length, while lighter denim will bring you down a bit.

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Extra Tips

Try different sizes and types

Just because you liked a fit in one brand, it does not mean that the same fit in another brand will look as good. If you try something on and it doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to branch out. Be flexible with your sizes and brands as well — if there’s a sale, try ‘em on. You may be surprised at what you find.

Take your time

Shopping for jeans is a commitment to your wardrobe and to your life. Take the time to find something that you like and that fits just the way you want it to. It will be well worth it when you head to the cash register.


You found a pair that fit perfect? Buy more than one! Look for other washes, or stick with the same! Whatever the amount, you’ll be glad to have a backup of your go-to jeans.

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