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5 Fun kids’ clothes hampers

Encourage your kids to get their dirty clothes off the floor and help with the laundry by adding a colorful clothes hamper to their bedroom or bathroom. Check out these fun clothes hampers just for kids.

Pop up hamper

Dottie Contain-It Laundry Bin

For teens and tweens, check out this lightweight, durable laundry bin. This cotton, canvas hamper features fabric handles for easy transport, a coated interior and collapsible design. You can get this colorful polka dot laundry hamper monogrammed for a few extra dollars. Right now, you can find this dotted laundry bin on sale at PBteen for $39.

Whitmor Kid's Collapsible HamperWhitmor Kid’s Collapsible Hamper

This bright yellow hamper is shaped like a duck. Whitmor’s hamper is created from non-toxic, flame-retardant fabric, so it’s as safe as it is cute. It collapses flat for easy storage and is priced right at just $13 on In addition to the duck style, this kids’ hamper also comes in elephant, frog and ladybug shapes.

My Baby Sam Ahoy Mate HamperMy Baby Sam Ahoy Mate Hamper

For your nautical-themed nursery, this hamper is a must. This stylish hamper features a red, white and blue motif anchored by a sailboat applique on the side. Priced at just $36 at, this hamper would make a great addition to any baby or toddler’s room.

Starting Small Monkey HamperStarting Small Monkey Hamper

Encourage your toddler or preschooler to stop monkeying around and start cleaning up their dirty clothes. Kids love this bold monkey design, and you’ll love the sturdy construction and convenient handles on this hamper. You can find this clothes hamper by Starting Small at Toys ‘R’ Us, priced at $10.

Trend Lab Prep School Pink HamperTrend Lab Prep School Pink Hamper

Your little girl will love this preppy pink hamper. This hamper set features a removable mesh liner and wooden frame. The prep-school pattern can complement almost any decor. This girls’ hamper is available now at AllModern, priced at just $42.

Laundry tips

Make the laundry process a little easier in your home by following these simple tips.

  • Keep your laundry room organized. Oftentimes, the laundry room turns into a junk room. By keeping the space clean and organized, you’ll be much more productive and laundry time won’t be a hassle. Read these 15 tips to organize your laundry room.
  • Treat stains as they happen. Ground-in dirt, oily stains and a ring around the collar don’t have to ruin your clothes. If you treat the stains as soon as possible with a little bit of liquid detergent or stain remover, you’ll be able to get rid of most common stains with ease.
  • Have your kids pitch in. Parents often dread the laundry because they don’t get any help. Make it part of your kids’ chores that they have to sort their own dirty laundry and put away their clothes once they’ve been washed. Find out how to teach your kids to do the laundry.

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