New find: Laundry mobile help app from Purex

Don’t know how to deal with that stain? There’s an app for that.

Laundry Help mobile app
iPhone and Blackberry app

Laundry help on the go

Don’t know how to deal with that stain? There’s an app for that.

You’ll never again be caught with a stain you don’t know how to handle with the new Laundry Help app from Purex. This free app for your iPhone or Blackberry puts the laundry advice you need right at your fingertips with its four helpful features.

Stain guide

The stain guide feature gives you the best tips to handle every stain you can imagine. Set the wheels with your stain and fabric, and the app will give you a stain-fighting solution designed just for your problem.

Spilled ketchup on your new blouse? Do you have a kid that specializes in grass stains? Say goodbye to treating your stains by trial and error. Just enter your stain and fabric into the app and you’ll instantly know how to handle it.

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Laundry timer

Do you hate to get up in the morning only to discover a forgotten, wet and mildewy load of clothes in the washing machine? It’ll never happen again once you download the Laundry Help app. Simply set the timer on the app for the length of time your machine will run and your phone will let you know when it’s done.

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One great part of this feature is the ability to set dual alarms — one for the washer and one for the dryer — so you won’t have to waste time and resources spinning a wrinkled load of laundry (for the fourth time!).

Fabric care

Make sure you’re treating all of your clothes the way they deserve. The fabric care guide gives you all the information you need to launder and care for your garments in a way that will make them last longer and look their best.

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Not quite sure how to launder your spandex workout gear? The Laundry Help app from Purex will tell you exactly what you need to do to keep your workout gear working for you.

Quick tip

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Clothing label decoder

Clothing label

Have you ever noticed those strange symbols on the labels of your clothing? Do you know what they mean? Neither do we! With this app, you will wonder no more.

Use the label decoder to select each symbol you find on your laundry label and translate those meaningless shapes into instructions you can use. The manufacturer put those instructions there for a reason — now you can follow them exactly.

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