Bachelorette runner-up Chris Lambton’s spring-cleaning tips for your yard

Spring is here and your backyard is beginning to bloom — it’s time to throw on some gardening gloves and hit the dirt. Bachelorette runner-up and star of HGTV’s new show Going Yard Chris Lambton shares his spring-cleaning tips for sprucing up your yard.

Chris Lambton in backyard

Landscape architect and former Bachelorette contestant Chris Lambton will be transforming neglected backyards into gorgeous outdoor spaces on his new HGTV show Going Yard. He shares with us his simple and cost-effective tips for making your yard the envy of the neighborhood this spring.

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Out with the old

Most of us are familiar with the organizing, purging and dusting associated with spring cleaning inside our homes, so let’s not forget to apply this to our outdoor sanctuaries, too. Lambton says, “Clean out all of your flower and vegetable beds.” Leaves, sticks and twigs all provide good insulation for our yards during the winter months, but aren’t necessary come springtime.

Chris Lambton's landscaping tips

Keep it natural

Keep your yard eco-friendly by using the right mulch. Lambton explains, “A quick and easy fix to make your yard look great is a nice pine-bark mulch.” This mulch will keep down weeds and hold in moisture, in turn allowing you to water less. “It smells great, too,” he says. Plus, it will break down over the year and fertilize your plants naturally. Just be sure to avoid any dyed mulch.

Chris Lambton's landscaping tips

Save with perennials

“Accent your flower garden with some great annual flowers,” says Lambton. “Impatiens are my favorite,” say Lambton.

But perennial flowers bloom year after year, offering a beautiful and money-saving option for your garden. “Spring is a great time to split larger perennials,” explains Lambton. “Instead of buying more hydrangeas or black-eyed susans, you can simply split the root ball of your existing ones and even quarter them if they are big enough. This saves you time, and more importantly, money.”

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Chris Lambton's landscaping tips

Time to rearrange

“If you don’t like where one of your evergreens or perennial flowers were last year, now is a great time to transplant,” says Lambton. “Just make sure when digging up the plant you leave a good-sized root ball,” he explains. “Water immediately after planting and continue watering daily for at least the first week or two so you don’t lose the newly transplanted item.”

Yard accessories

Don’t forget to add that finishing touch with some simple yard accessories. Lambton recommends adding beautiful accent stones to your garden. Use smaller stones to make a path or position larger stones in the middle of plants. “This will give your garden a path to walk through and a different texture,” he explains.

Lambton’s final advice is to sit back and enjoy the work you’ve done!

Want to check out more of Lambton’s eye-popping backyard transformations? Going Yard premieres May 12 on HGTV.

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