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New eco-friendly paints

A new coat of paint is an easy way to refresh a room, a piece of furniture, home decor accessories, or even the inside of a closet! And now you can take advantage of warmer spring weather to paint to your heart’s content. With the variety of new “green” paints on the market, you can breathe easy knowing you are not harming your health or the environment.

Food Paint -- Mistletoe green

Seen here: Food Paint in “Mistletoe” (color #2313)

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, head up the list of what you want to avoid in paint. Old-school paints were known to have other carcinogens in the formulas, not to mention lead and mercury. Thankfully, many companies have seen the light and have developed gorgeous paint offerings minus the horrendous toxic ingredients we once were exposed to, whether we liked it or not.

Here are a few of my favorite eco-friendly paint choices:

Mythic Non-Toxic Paint

Featured in Earth Times, House Beautiful and Dwell magazines, Mythic Non-Toxic Paint is safe for the 3 Ps: people, pets and the planet. I love that it’s made right here in the United States, too. The website offers a cool Mythic Room Visualizer tool, which lets you get a good idea of how various ceiling, trim and wall shades will look when used together. With a wide range of colors and sheens, and both interior and exterior formulas, chances are Mythic has a perfect paint hue for you.

Food Paint

Abbe Fenimore, Dallas designer and owner of Studio Ten 25, clued me in to Anna Sova’s Food Paint. “It’s my latest paint obsession! When I first noticed the line in a Dallas showroom, I was intrigued by the tagline ‘Breathe the difference’ — it smells like a milkshake,” she explains. “After taking a closer look, I was highly impressed with the eco-friendly qualities of the line. The product has zero VOCs and zero toxins. It goes on just like any other paint product, protects the wall and is easy to wipe down.”

Made with milk casein (yes, that’s milk, as in milkshakes), titanium dioxide (as in powdered doughnuts), bamboo cellulose (fiber bars), food emulsifiers, fungicide, bactericide, mildew retardant and preservatives (as in chocolates), and with 64 color offerings, Food Paint is sure to be on my next paint menu.

Green Planet Paints

Other exceptional eco-friendly paint choices include Green Planet Paints, which offer a truly different kind of paint experience because they’re made with plant resins and mineral pigments. Their Renaissance palette offers up to 120 colors that are made from clay-based and mineral pigments. They are not synthetic and are zero VOC. Rudda Horizon Interior Paint boasts zero-VOC interior and low-VOC exterior sustainable paint lines. The formula is certified to meet all LEED requirements and is odorless and resists splatters.

Considering all the options available to green your home via a brand-new paint hue, why wouldn’t you choose one of the many ecological formulas that offer both beauty and sustainable elements, now and for your future? Brightening your living space while respecting the environment is a no-brainer.

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