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Top 5 tips to stay healthy on a road trip

Road trips typically mean long, sedentary hours in the car and calorie-laden roadside food. But with a few easy tips, road trips can mean fun and travel without a threat to your waistline.

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Pack pre-made healthy snacks

Don’t rely on rest stops, fast food and gas stations to get your fill. Instead, prepare lots of pre-made healthy snacks that travel well. Think granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit and nuts. Depending on the length of the trip, hearty fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and baby carrots are great as well.

Stainles steal water bottleDrink lots of water

Mega-size coffees, humongous frozen drinks and soda may be traditional road trip fuel, but not only are those beverages dehydrating, the calories in them can seriously add up. Instead, reach for a big gulp of water, which will keep you hydrated while keeping the weight off. (Bonus: drinking lots of water is great for your skin!). If you’re really itching for soda, try seltzer instead.

Get out of the car

Sometimes on a road trip we just want to get to the destination. But don’t forget to stop sometimes and stretch! Be sure to get at least a little exercise in every day. Even better, keep an eye peeled for hiking trails on your route and pause for a nature walk or hike to break up the monotony of the open road.

Watch what you eat

Even if you pack healthy snacks, chances are you’ll still need to have at least one meal a day on the road. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat a quarter-pounder. Instead of a national fast food chain, keep your eyes peeled for cute establishments that offer healthier options as well as a bit of local color. If it’s fast food or nothing, get one of their salad or grilled chicken options and hold the fries.

Get plenty of rest

Often, being tired on the road leads to extra stops for coffee and caffeinated soda, and more snacking to keep your sleepy mind occupied and awake. Be sure to get plenty of rest before hitting the road — it’ll help keep those pounds off, not to mention making sure you stay awake at the wheel.

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