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Miss Piggy’s top St. Patrick’s Day beauty and fashion tips

Kissy! Kissy! Tis moi, Miss Piggy! My dear friends at have asked moi to share with vous some of my favorite beauty and fashion tips for St. Patrick’s Day! And being a celebrity with a publicist, I naturally said “yes!” After all, who knows more about wearing — and dating — the green, than moi!?

Miss Piggy

Before you celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by kissing anyone wearing a “Kiss Moi I’m Irish” button, remember these helpful top-o’-the-mornin’ DOs & DON’Ts:

  • Green nail polishDO accessorize by wearing green nail polish, bracelets and necklaces.
  • DO NOT accessorize by draping a green frog around your neck, particularly if he answers to the name “Kermit.” (And don’t vous forget it, Gaga!)
  • DO dye your hair green.
  • DO NOT forget to wash it out the next day… or vous may end up as a villain in the next Batman movie.
  • DO make a fashion statement by marching down the middle of Fifth Avenue in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • DO NOT attempt this stunt after the parade is over.
  • DO remember that when Irish eyes are smiling, the whole world is smiling.
  • DO NOT forget that when moi’s eyes are smiling, it probably means I slipped with my eyeliner.

And, here are three of my favorite fashion tips and beauty tips sure to make this your greenest day ever!

  1. emerald ringThe best way to look more glamorous on St. Patrick’s Day is by standing next to really dull looking people. I recommend Dr. Bunsen Honeydew for this. He’s a nice guy but dull as paint primer.
  2. Green is good, especially if it’s an emerald. Emeralds make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day date gift! (Moi has been known to accept diamonds. If you wear green-tinted sunglasses, you’d swear they were emeralds.)
  3. Only frogs look good walking around wearing nothing but a green collar. Don’t ask how I know this, just trust moi!

Now don’t just sit there looking like a bit of the ol’ sod. Go out and have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! Kissy kissy!

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