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Spring clean your skin care and beauty routine

Winter is finally over (thank goodness) and that means a few things. Less layers (good riddance coats and boots), but also some key changes in how you take care of your skin.

Spring woman wearing makeup

To help you put your best and brightest face forward for spring, we put together a simple but effective guide to spring cleaning your skin care routine and beauty products. Read on to get glowing!

Overhaul your makeup bag

When was the last time you looked in your makeup bag? Like really looked inside to see what was there? If it’s been a year (or more), it’s time for an overhaul. It’s easier than you think to let beauty products expire, which can cause skin or eye irritation. It’s a good idea to put a date on items that you don’t use every day (and that likely won’t run out within the year). That way you know how long it’s been hanging around. Some general guidelines for how long beauty products last below:

  • Makeup bagMascara: Three months
  • Lipstick: One year (some people say longer, so do what’s comfortable)
  • Cleanser: One year
  • Powder: Up to two years, but wash your applicator regularly
  • Foundation: 12 to 18 months (oil-based products last longer)
  • Eye and lip pencils: Up to three years (sharpen regularly)
  • Brushes: Wash every two to three weeks
  • Sponges: Wash weekly, discard monthly

Switch heavy products for lighter ones

Depending on your skin type, winter months usually call for heavier skin care products (cream cleansers, creams versus lotions, moisturizing masks), but as the weather warms up, it can be helpful to transition into lighter products. Give your skin a break and opt for a gel cleanser, lighter moisturizer and masks that brighten as well as hydrate. Water-based, sheer foundations are also a better choice for spring and summer since they look much more natural.

Quick tip

This spring is all about natural-looking skin with pops of brighter color on the lips or cheeks. Opt for tinted moisturizer or a swipe of sheer foundation only where you need it and a splash of berry or (if you feel adventurous) something brighter.

Get a facial

The start of a new season is a great time to get a facial. They might seem pricey but consider it a complexion investment. The aesthetician can detect any skin care concerns you might not have noticed and help ensure your skin is healthy as possible as you head into spring. They can tweak your routine (skin types do change, according to age and season), perform extractions and have tools, masks and other treatments you might not be able to find or do at home.

Treat complexion concerns

Any skin care concerns you’re currently dealing with such as blemishes, dry patches, irritation or flakes are best taken care of at the start of a new season. Talk to your aesthetician post-facial about what type of regimen or skin care products would best take care of your concerns or tweaking your routine according to what you want to fix. It makes sense to get skin looking its best at the onset of a new season so you’re not stuck in skin care limbo.

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