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How to keep your hair healthy this season

With a new season comes a new hair care routine. We’re chatting with master colorist Kadi Lee from Serge Normant at John Frieda salon in Los Angeles to learn how to treat your hair for spring. (Plus, you can easily use her hair care tips to transition into beachy summer locks!)

No matter where you are in the country, bad hair days are bound to happen this spring… unless you’re proactive and use our simple (and we mean super simple) hair care tips. We’re pretty sure you’ll thank us later when everyone you know is envious of how you’ve kept your hair looking refreshed in any condition.

Maintaining healthy spring hair

If not treated properly, spring can be one of the worst seasons for luscious locks with the constant humidity, showers and wind. Fortunately for you, Lee has easy hair care tips to keep your hair healthy under any condition.

“Skip the blow dryer and towel dry the hair to maintain moisture, balance and your vibrant color because hot air opens the hair cuticle, eventually leading to dull hair color.” Lee says. “By using the cool setting on your blow dryer, the cold air closes the cuticle and seals in the moisture.”

Adding oil for moisture will also keep your mane looking surprisingly healthy. “Try using a weightless oil, such as Shu Uemura’s Camellia Oil or Serge Normant Dry Oil Finishing Oil for extra shine and vibrant color,” Lee says. “Steer clear or products with excess silicon — this is a quick, artificial fix and will not supply real moisture to the hair, eventually dulling your color.”

Transitioning into summer

When shifting from spring to summer, all of the above spring hair care tips are still key because summer continues to bring even more humidity and rain showers. In fact, even more emphasis needs to be put on keeping your ‘do hydrated.

“Add conditioner to your shampoo in the summer to weaken the detergent in your shampoo and add an extra dose of protection to color-treated hair,” Lee says.

If you are a beach kind of a girl, simply conditioning may not be enough, but this simple technique will end up protecting your hair all summer long. “Utilize the elegance of a chic topknot and give your hair an all-day treatment at the beach by running a handful of your favorite conditioner treatment on the length of your ponytail, twist and place in a pin on the top of your head,” she says. “The ends of your hair are likely to oxidize and lose its luster first, so protect your color investment when out in the sun.”

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