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Video voice mail: The latest in communication

Tango, the cross-platform video calling service, is now revolutionizing the way we leave messages for friends and family with video voice mail. It’s far more fun to watch a message than it is to listen to one.

Tango allows people with all sorts of smartphones to have iChat-style conversations. You can video chat with Tango on your iPhone and other Apple products, as well as on an Android, Windows and your PC or laptop.

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Tango voicemail

One of the big benefits of Tango is that it’s easy to use! The company designed the apps so that your kindergartener and your great-grandma can place a Tango call. To get started, you simply download the app and register your phone number. Tango doesn’t require a user name or password. Once you’ve downloaded it, the app looks through your phone’s address book to find other users who also have Tango.

Tango voicemailVideo voice mail

We’re not surprised that the company that made video calling so simple has brought yet another cool service to the market: video voice mail. Instead of leaving your average message, you can now surprise your friends with your smiling face and deliver your message personally.

The service is simple and smart. If the person you’re calling doesn’t answer, you have the option of leaving a video voice mail. You can record your message — up to 30 seconds in length — and hit a key. The recipient receives a notification that they’ve got mail — video voice mail. Your video message is recorded on Tango’s servers, which means there’s no slow upload time.

In addition, if you want to send a video voice mail without actually placing the call, you can do that, too. It’s like texting, but better.

Surprise, Tango-style

Tango is also offering Tango Surprises, cute video animations that you can send in a call. For example, you can send a monkey to your kids or a heart to your boyfriend. This is the first monetization action the company has taken, as the video chat platform is completely free.

Explosive growth

The sheer number of Tango users is a little staggering. The company has around 40 million users — and that figure just keeps increasing. Even more compelling, 44 percent of Tango customers have used the service in the past 30 days. If you’re not on the Tango train, you might be missing out.

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