A daily wash: Aveeno Pure Renewal haircare collection review

Is there a gentle eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner that smells good and delivers what it promises? See what we say.

Aveeno Pure Renewal

A balanced cleansing and conditioning system can be as elusive as a winning lotto ticket. In the sea of haircare offerings, can you really put your trust into one brand that can do the job on a daily basis?

Aveeno’s new Pure Renewal haircare collection comes with an individual shampoo, conditioner and surprisingly a 2 in 1 (retro is the new black). Featuring sulfate-free cleansers that are paraben- and synthetic dye-free, the Pure Renewal collection has seaweed extracts that help provide a healthy dose of moisture and shine. The formulation also features a proprietary NatraSurf Technology that is naturally derived from potato starch; this helps give the shampoo a natural lather, even though the products are sulfate-free.

Eco-friendly advocate and celeb hairstylist Patrick Melville worked with the brand to develop an easy to use and effective formula. “I don’t normally endorse brands,” Melville said, “but I love Aveeno and found that Pure Renewal and the active naturals really do perform.”

The question is — do they work for everyone, and every day at that? We put Pure Renewal to the test to see if the brand’s claim — that the shampoo/conditioner are scientifically proven to make hair 80 percent more manageable after the first use and up to seven times healthier — held water. While I don’t have a way to tell if my hair ended up “seven times” healthier, I can definitely tell if it became more or less unruly than previously. Pure Renewal also claims you’ll get softer, shinier hair.

Aveeno Pure Renewal -- Before


Aveeno Pure Renewal -- After


The verdict

The naturally derived ingredients in Aveeno Pure Renewal shampoo made my hair feel very clean; for a sulfate-free product, it lathered beautifully. The conditioner was deliciously light with a mother of pearl quality to it: not quite a gel but not a cream either. It made my hair feel silky even with one use and left it shiny.

As for the manageability, I would say it improved because my hair lent itself better to everyday styling tools — including the flat iron. The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is an interesting choice, and one perfect for that in between day when your hair just doesn’t need that extra separate conditioner.

Each bottle retails for around $7 at mass merchandisers and hit shelves in February. If your hair has been soul searching for a gentle, daily wash, Pure Renewal may be just the ticket.

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