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Best ways to wear a bustier

Some pieces of underwear are meant to be worn for sex appeal. Others are worn simply for function. The bustier is the rare underthing that can either be worn on the outside to add a sultry twist to your wardrobe, or under clothes simply to boost your bust. Here are a few of the best ways to wear the torso-hugging body shapers.

Ashley Greene wearing bustier

Under clothes, as a body shaper

Wear a bustier in place of a bra under loose blouses or flowy dresses. Bustiers help suck in the tummy area. On top of being sexy, the garment has the form and function to make sure you’re looking your best throughout a day at the office.

Under clothes, as a bust booster

Want to make sure you have just the right amount of cleavage in that new dress you bought for a night out? Bustiers boost breasts without making them look misshapen and gratuitous. Pair your bustier with your best dress and high heels for a sexy look that’s sure to kill.

As a top, with a skirt

The lingerie-as-clothing trend has come and gone, but bustiers remain in fashion. However, be careful about which bustier you choose to wear with a skirt. Leave the frilly, lacy and see-through pieces for the bedroom. Simple, classy bustiers look best as outerwear. Today, most skirts are intended to be worn with shirts that hug the waistline. Take advantage of popular high-waisted numbers for a night out by simply tucking the bottom of your bustier into a pencil skirt or a flirty, whimsical, floral one.

As a top, with jeans

You know how everything manages to look good with jeans? Bustiers are no exception. Just be careful to choose the right size for both the bustier and jeans. A little tummy showing is sexy, but a little tummy flowing out from the top of your jeans just means they’re too tight. The bustier is a tricky piece of underwear to master, but once you do, it can become a versatile, comfortable, everyday look.

As a top, under a jacket

Want to look both sexy and professional? Hit the boardroom with a bustier under a regal blazer or a conservative sweater. Mixing the dichotomy of conservative and vavavoom is a great way to make a fashion statement without going over the top. Adapt this look to your age by experimenting with a wide variety of outerwear on top.

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