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Sexy ways to show your straps

Visible bra straps are no longer considered fashion faux pas, they are actually a flirty fashion statement. If you decide you want to show your straps, you can do it in a sexy, not sleazy, way.

Rachel Bilson

Exposing your bra straps can be tacky if you are wearing a ratty old bra or your bra doesn’t fit properly. However, it can also be very sexy if done right. Follow these style tips and confidently flaunt your straps.

Wear a sheer blouse

Sheer tops are on-trend this season and the perfect way to show off — not just your straps, but your entire bra. Instead of wearing a top that is completely sheer, choose one in a semi-sheer fabric for a sexy look that isn’t too revealing.

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Try color contrast

A boatneck tee with a wide neckline or an off-the-shoulder dress can allow you to show off your straps too. For a sexy yet casual look, partner a basic tank top with a bra in a contrasting color. The eye-catching contrast is a fabulous way to show off your straps.

Choose the right bra

If you are going to put your straps on display, make sure you are wearing the right bra. For a sheer top, pick a full-coverage bra in a nude shade. This will allow it to blend in with your body as much as possible while providing the coverage you need.

With a tank top or even a strapless dress, consider a bra with split straps. For instance, the Add A Size Push-Up bra from Vassarette gives your cup size a boost and has lace trim detailing that lays flat under clothes. However, the straps are split for a fashionable look that’s perfect for showing off.

Make sure it fits

No matter what you are wearing, make sure that you are wearing a bra that fits. A properly-fitted bra can improve your posture, make you look thinner, and help your clothes fit better. If you have never had a professional bra fitting, consider scheduling one. It’s said that up to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra.

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Not ready to show your straps?

For those times when you don’t want to show your straps, you can still wear all your favorite sexy pieces — from backless dresses, to one-shoulder tops. Look for bras that allow you to alter the strap configuration for a variety of different looks. For instance, the 18 Ways to WOW bra from Vassarette features a plunging neckline for all your low-cut looks, plus the straps can be worn 18 different ways for the utmost in wardrobe versatility.

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