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Top 5 accessory trends for spring

We love accessories. They’re a great way to punch up your look and turn a neutral outfit into something eye-catching. While we love our scarves, hats and mittens, it’s time to jump into spring and find out what the hottest accessory trends are. Get ready for a varied cross section of stylish extras sure to warm up your wardrobe.

Woman with a pearl necklace holding a rose.

To learn more, we turned to Rupee Lota, jewelry designer and founder of She provided her picks for the top accessory trends to look forward to once the weather warms up.

Flirty & feminine

Ladylike accessories are still going strong for spring and feminine silhouettes prevail when it comes to handbags and jewelry. “Personally, I don’t believe there is anything more ladylike than a strand of pearls, and I love seeing different, edgy takes on the classic look,” Lota says. If you’re not a pearl girl, bow detailing and simple, sparkly pieces can also give you a similar look.

In addition, she tells us ‘the lady bag’ is probably the most coveted style when it comes to handbags right now. “This look is versatile. While the shape is both professional and structured, you can have fun with detailing here and go for something in a unique hue or print that shows your personality,” she explains.

Totally tribal

From shoes to scarves, the 2012 runways were sprinkled with fun, fashionable tribal designs. It can be tempting to reach for more than one accessory that sports this trend, but Lota advises choosing one stand-out piece.

“Tribal patterns are busy and intricate, but be careful when mixing different accessories with a tribal print, as too much can ruin the eclectic look,” she says. “Choose one tribal piece and balance it with other pieces from the same color family.”

Pretty pastels

Neutral-colored accessories are taking a back seat to more fun, flirty pastels this spring. “I am so excited to see the fashion industry bring back some color this season,” says Lota. To really make your bright accessories pop, she suggests wearing a neutral outfit. “A bubble-gum pink bag can look amazing next to an all-black ensemble,” the designer tells us. When it comes to your jewelry, choose pastels that flatter your skin tone. For cool tones, go for blues and pinks; for warm tones, yellows and oranges will look best. “But keep other accessories simple. This trend is all about finding one bright item to highlight the look.”

Flower power

Floral prints, while big for spring, can be challenging to pull off. “A little goes a long way with floral, so stick to one particular accessory to draw the eye,” Lota advises.

Be careful, too, when mixing different floral patterns. To make things easier, when selecting an outfit, play up a color in the floral piece that complements your skin tone. “Floral prints require a balancing act. If your bag is floral, keep your outfit basic and solid, and vice versa.”

Far our & futuristic

The spring runways were peppered with futuristic accessories, from sharp, modern edges to metallic color palettes, which offer a fun, urban accessory twist for the season to come. “Futuristic accessories are real works of art. The best way to achieve this look is to find your favorite silver pieces and make them the standout items of your ensemble,” says Lota.

Choose pieces that are futuristic in shape. This could mean an asymmetrical cuff with pointed edges or a clutch featuring geometric lines. But if your accessories have a high shine factor, keep your other pieces simple, she advises. “The outcome here should be smooth, chic and hip, so go for an outfit with defined structure and shape, rather than tops that flow or are overtly feminine.”

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