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Top 3 crafty bloggers to follow

Blogs have taken the Internet by storm over the years, and one of the more recent trends is bloggers with a crafty side they like to share with readers — who may or may not share their love of doing the actual projects.

Woman looking at craft blogs
In addition to those who do craft projects for kids or home decor-type items, some of the most popular crafty blogs involve DIY creations of stunning jewelry, shoes, clothing and handbags. How cool is it that you can jazz up older items with a new twist on color or texture and/or invent something brand new with bits and pieces you can buy at a hardware store?

Here are 3 crafty blogs I’m enamored with, and I bet you soon will be, too!

Craft Jr.

Craft Jr.

If you’ve got kids, you’ll be thanking Wendy Piersall, a social media expert and mother of three, who masterminded this great site for fun things you can create with your children. You can search projects by age, time or topic and you’ll find everything from recipes to holiday- and party-related theme pieces at your fingertips. How proud will your kids be of their twig birdhouse or the dinosaur feet (made from recycled tissue boxes!) they will greet Dad with when comes home from work?

Stripes and Sequins

Stripes and Sequins

Grace Atwood started her blog in January 2010, and covers beauty, fashion, travel and DIY crafty projects in a fun and fascinating way.

When I asked about her start in DIY projects, it seems it’s in her blood! “I’ve been making my own jewelry and crafts projects since I was about 5 years old. Seriously. I was never one for sports or outdoorsy stuff, I just wanted to be inside, playing with my beads and polymer clay,” she tells SheKnows. “I’ve always just loved creating and making my own jewelry. Sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what I want, and DIYing allows me to make things exactly how I want. It’s also incredibly relaxing.” (Atwood has a fast-paced job as the social media director for the fabulous BaubleBar.) “I added DIYs to my blog a little over a year ago, not knowing what it would bring. They instantly became the most popular feature on my blog, and I was hooked!”

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful

I adore the look, feel and content on Elsie Larson’s blog, A Beautiful Mess. Her love of design (she’s a designer and boutique owner) and detail is evident in every post.

Elsie loves DIY because “I love the confidence that I can make anything I really want! Sure, it might take some Google searching or a few library books, but I love the possibility and freedom!” She usually makes things she can wear or decorations for her home. “I feel like DIY makes my life more beautiful every single day.”

Curious about how she picks her projects, she shared:

“I am a big believer in the ‘learn so you can teach’ mindset. I learn things that I want to learn and then I teach them to my readers. Right now I’m learning and teaching about how to print textiles; last month it was photography. I will always be the best at teaching crafty tricks that I just learned … it’s exciting!”

I’m inspired by all these blogs and find they often start the wheels turning in my mind about my own DIY projects. Round up your kids (or your girlfriends, and perhaps a nice wine and cheese accompaniment) and play with ideas for how you can renew what you already have or create something brand new from things currently sitting unloved in a closet or drawer. The feeling of producing something with love and your own hands is pretty hard to beat.

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