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Trendy trinkets: Jewelry spotted at Fashion Week

Fresh off Fashion Week, we can’t stop talking about what’s in store for spring… but we spotted more than just killer clothing and spring trends. Jewelry was a hot topic and these picks are sure to complete an eye-catching look for all of 2012.

Lia Sophia’s Red Carpet Collection

In addition to making regular appearances on the CW’s Gossip Girl, Lia Sophia is a fave to red carpet frequenters like Ashlee Simpson, Giuliana Rancic and Katy Perry. Their most recent trinkets especially channel a bohemian take on red carpet glamour, which they’ve appropriately deemed their Red Carpet Collection. SheKnows popped into their fashion suite in New York City — look at the baubles we stumbled upon!

Lia Sophia Jewelry: Red Carpet Collection, The Electra Necklace

Electra Necklace
The Electra Necklace is made with clear cut crystals and is available in silver, plum, teal and tangerine. We deem this a great statement piece!
Lia Sophia Jewelry: Red Carpet Collection, Risa Earrings

Risa Earrings
If you marry bohemian style and red carpet edge, you get the Risa Earrings. Available in silver or gold, they both come with some definite wow factor.
Lia Sophia Jewelry: Red Carpet Collection, Mirela Ring

Mirela Ring
Sometimes all you need is a ring to make an outfit pop! The Mirela Ring is made in lime, silver or plum and is an easy addition to casual attire.

Stella & Dot’s Spring 2012 Collection

After chatting with the ladies of Stella & Dot and dressing up in our favorite pieces, they refused to send us packing without a few goodies and their spring catalog. Thank goodness because it was a page turner! Packed with spring trend alerts and eye-catching jewels, the catalog had it all when it comes to accessorizing for spring — just what we were looking for. Relish in our top three necklace picks!
Stella & Dot Amalfi Collection: Zahara bib necklace

Zahara Bib Necklace
As part of their Amalfi Collection, the Zahara Bib offers classic Italian glamour from anywhere you choose to be. Pair this accessory with your favorite blouse and you’re instantly a jetsetter.
Stella & Dot Spring Collection: Serenity Necklace

The Serenity Necklace
We’re loving that this line is infused with gold and sophisticated shades of greens, blues and pinks. It’s a perfect fit for spring! Plus, who doesn’t need a little bit of serenity?
Stella & Dot Jewelry: Pegasus Necklace

The Pegasus Necklace
An edgier selection no doubt, but the Pegasus Necklace will help your outfit go from plain Jane to sassy Sarah instantly. It’s still classy for work and you’ll love it more every time you wear it.

Savage Senses & Brera: Handmade vs. splurge-worthy

Savage Senses is joining the handmade movement by bringing a small business’ designs to the forefront of fashion. The socially conscious design company set up shop during Fashion Week in New York City and, of course, we had to check it out! On the other side of the accessory spectrum, we’ve noticed gold watches everywhere and this Brera Orologi design might be worth the pretty penny for a spring accessory trend that works for all four seasons.

Water Pebble Bracelet by Savage Senses design company

Water Pebble Bracelet
The Water Pebble Bracelet retails for $45 and is hand-braided. 10 percent of the retail price goes towards Wine to Water, a clean water initiative.
Savage Senses at Fashion Week 2012: Designs made by hand. Clean Water Tag necklace

Clean Water Tag Necklace
Also lending 10 percent of its sales to Wine to Water, the Clean Water Tag Necklace is made from recycled glass and is inspired by the purity water represents. Simple, chic and environmentally friendly!
Splurge worthy accessory trend: Brera Orologi. Rose Gold Isabella watch

Rose Gold Isabella Watch
And then comes the splurge-worthy staple. The rose gold Isabella Watch by Brera Orologi has a pearl dial and a stunning rose gold bracelet strap — perfect for any nautical-inspired outfit.

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Photo credit: Joseph Moran Photography “Water Pebble Bracelet”

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