Find your home’s signature scent

Every woman has a signature fragrance, and so should every home. From your furniture to your fabrics to your flooring, everything in your home helps define its signature scent.

Woman in clean and modern home

To find your home’s signature scent, you first need to look at your decor and design choices.


This home is crisp, clean and well organized, featuring modern or contemporary decor. Your style is minimalism with strong lines, slick surfaces and never too much of anything. You love your white sofa, stainless steel appliances and cement flooring. Though your home is free of clutter, it never looks too cold. You warm it up with personal touches in the form of spectacular artwork or beautiful window treatments. Your home always looks and smells clean — like the maid just left.

Signature scent: Clean linens, cotton or fresh citrus


Your beautiful home features classic furniture and a romantic, pastel color scheme in a subtle range of purples, pinks and blues offset with white or cream. Your furniture and decor could be Victorian, French country or even a little bit of cottage chic. You love wingback chairs, crystal sconces and breezy linens. Florals take center stage in fabrics, paintings and other decor items. Your home smells as romantic as it looks, capturing the aroma of your favorite flowers.

Signature scent: Rose, lavender or jasmine


Your warm, inviting home features dark woods, comfy seating and rich fabrics. Your furniture and decor are traditional and often oversized in a woodsy palette of browns and greens. You love your rich leather couch, mahogany built-ins and beautiful tapestries. The woods are the focus in your home, whether that means hand-scraped wood flooring or an entire wall of oak bookshelves. The fragrances in your home are woodsy too, and often a little bit spicy to add even more warmth to the atmosphere.

Signature scent: Amber, bergamot or cinnamon


You love tropical, nautical or coastal themes, and that transcends into your home. Even if you don’t live in Miami or a tropical exotic locale, your house looks like you do. You aren’t afraid of color with splashes of aqua blue and bright orange throughout in the form of throw pillows, vases and bedding. The highlight of your home is your outdoor living space, which flows beautifully from your living room and is perfect for entertaining. The scents in your home are fresh and clean with a hint of marine air and tropical fruits.

Signature scent: Ocean breeze, pineapple or coconut

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