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Secrets to tying a room together

Taking a room full of furniture, accents and accessories and making it look like it all belongs together may seem difficult, but it can be done. Check out these tips to learn how to tie a room together.

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Tying a room together doesn’t mean having to spend a lot of money or buying several new items for the room. In most cases, you can tie a room together successfully with the furniture and accent pieces you already have, by displaying them properly. Or you can add one or two new items that will make the room “pop.” Here are some secrets to tying a room together.

Display your collectibles

Using items that you have collected — through your travels, as family heirlooms or items that you just love — is the perfect way to tie a room together. Choose a few key items that suit the room best, paying attention to size, color and theme. The items do not have to all match each other, but the size of the accent pieces should reflect the scale of the room and furniture, and the collectibles should either be in a similar color grouping or contrasting colors that don’t clash. Don’t try to display all your collectibles in one room, however — just choose a few special pieces and place them around the room in key places.

Focal-point painting

One beautiful item that reflects the theme or colors of a room can tie the room together, like a large painting over the fireplace or in the focal point of the room. Make sure the room theme and colors are reflected in the painting and the subject of the painting, as well as in the frame. For example, if your room has a country feel to it with soft blue, cream and yellow tones, you’d want to choose a painting with these colors, in a light oak, pine or white frame.

Accent fabrics

Using one type of fabric for accent pieces that match the tone and color of your room can tie everything together. Choose a fabric in a color or pattern that will complement your room and create accent pillows, small tablecloths for end tables or even lampshade covers using this fabric. These small touches can bring together a room with different colors and furniture pieces and make it feel like a finished room.

Decorative area rugs

Decorative area rugs are another excellent way to pull a room’s decor together. Place one under the coffee table in the sitting area between the sofa and accent chairs or under the dining room table to tie the room’s colors together in that space. Blend the colors from the area rug with the room through the colors of the drapes, curtains or walls. A decorative area rug can bring a room together and give it a warm, cozy feeling.

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