How to personalize your home decor

You’ve customized the ringtone on your cell phone, the profile on your Facebook page and the screen saver on your laptop — all to tell the world a little more about who you are. But what does your home say about you? If your decor falls flat, combine these elements for creative style with a personal touch!

Living room with pops of color

Words, numbers and letters

If you want your home to speak of your personal style, then spell it out. Literally — with words and letters as artwork and accessories. Use monograms to initial bed linens, towels and coffee mugs. Create art from the lyrics of your favorite song or hang a vinyl wall decal of your favorite quote. For inspiration, check out Wall Words.


Find creative ways to display family photos in your home. Collect old photographs from your parents and grandparents to create a heritage display, or include your own baby photos with the baby photos of your children. Take the entire family for group portraits, and then order enlarged canvas prints to display throughout your home. Personal Creations has a wide variety of custom canvas photo ideas to personalize your decor.

Consider not only what you display, but also how you display it. Hang art arrangements and accessories in groupings. Take your digital camera along on your next walk through town, snapping photos as you go. Hold your camera at different angles to capture interesting lines and lighting. Once you have a selection to choose from, use free editing software like Picasa to change your favorite images to black-and-whites. Then simply frame your images for a custom art display with a personal touch.

Commissioned art

For one-of-a-kind artwork that reflects your personal style, seek the assistance of a local artist. When commissioning artwork, try to meet with the artist personally to discuss your style, color preferences and overall expectations for the piece. A commissioned art piece doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Seek out talented artists who are just starting out. Chances are they’ll be more interested in building their portfolio than charging high prices for their work. You could also check the local college to see if any art students are interested in creating a piece for you at a reasonable price.


Hold on to the family heirlooms you’ve collected over the years, and put them to work in your decor. Use smaller-sized heirlooms as accessories on shelves and side tables, and feature large furniture pieces as focal points throughout your space. To modernize an antique piece, try repurposing it. For example, rather than using an antique dresser in the bedroom, use it as a credenza in the dining room. Or use a large china cabinet as a bookcase. If you don’t have any heirlooms, check out a local antique store or check an online site like Etsy, which offers unique pieces and vintage items.

Signature scent

Even with stunning home decor, the first thing guests notice when they enter your home is the scent — especially if you’re a pet owner. Luckily, there are several air-freshening products that eliminate odors. Experiment with available scents until you’ve found your favorites. Check out wickless candle products such as Scentsy, which offers a bazillion different scents and ways to display them. Change the scents each spring, summer, fall and winter to coincide with seasonal festivities.

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