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Creative home decor ideas we love

Does your home need a space-lift? Exchanging home accessories is a budget-friendly way to breathe new life into any space. We’ve got six creative ideas to help you update your home’s decor with ease.

Chalkboard toy chest

Chalkboard paint

There are many ways to include chalkboard paint in your decor. Pre-mixed paints can be purchased at your local home store for less than $20. Use this paint to create message boards, storage labels, art and crafts. If you don’t want to take on a do-it-yourself project, shop for products like the Pkolino storage chest with chalkboard lid from This chest keeps toys at bay while serving as a drawing center for the kids.

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Bright colored pillow

Bright colors

Color sets the tone for the type of experience you’ll have in a space. If you want your home to feel lively and energetic, use bright accent colors to create a playful mood. Pillows, like the crochet and crewel floral pillow from Pier 1 Imports, can be added to the sofas and chairs, and can easily be swapped out for different seasons. Bright blues, greens and yellows are great colors to say hello to spring.

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<empty>Nino Doormat


For an easy do-it-yourself project, find a photo of your child or lovable pet. Be sure to use an image that portrays a profile rather than a straight-on shot. Once you’ve found your image, trim around the profile of the image, then use your cut-out as a template to trace onto colored construction paper. Cut again, then finish with a decorative frame. If you don’t need wall art, try a silhouette print rug, like the Nino doormat from West Elm, to create a decorative touch at the front door.

Earthenware Elephant from Z-Gallerie

White ceramic accessories

White accent pieces freshen the look of any room, and ceramic pieces like the earthenware elephant from Z-Gallerie are budget-friendly. For great deals on ceramic accents, visit stores like Ross, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. These stores carry name-brand items at a lower price than department stores. Display your ceramic pieces on shelves and furniture pieces throughout your home. Larger items can stand on their own, but group smaller pieces with additional accessories to create a cohesive look.
Decorative fragrance

Decorative fragrance

Need a breath of fresh air? Try decorative fragrance options, like the Expressions Oil Diffuser from Glade, that fit right in with your decor. This versatile accessory is the perfect way to add a signature scent in a large room. The diffuser is designed to distribute the scent throughout the room without being tied down to an electrical outlet.

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Authentic Models Trianon Globe


Decorative globes make for interesting accessories, but they also are great teaching tools. Use a globe, like the Authentic Models Trianon globe from Wayfair, to let the kids choose the next family vacation destination, or to show them exactly where Grandma lives. Place a globe on a desk designated for homework, near the computer workstation or on a bookcase in the den. Being reminded of the world you live in just might inspire some world-changing ideas!

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