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Get retro flair style: Project Runway‘s Michael Costello shows us how

The retro look isn’t a style every girl can pull off, but Michael Costello makes it easy for almost any girl to pull off this vintage vibe with some style and fashion tips. Check out his must-have picks for lookin’ like a retro lady.

Michael Costello's retro lady look

Michael Costello’s retro style

Are you a vintage lady? Into the ’50s or ’60s feminine style? Michael Costello has got you covered on how to look like the perfect retro lady.

Costello brought some juicy colors to this look. First, he styled the model in a white and black pleated dress that gave off a ’50s vibe. Her hair was securely set in a low, chic bun for a put-together look. He then added a bright, peach blazer for a retro, fun look.

The color of the blazer gave the outfit a less stuffy look, which is what retro style is all about. To top off the fun outfit, Costello added a pair of teal and white platforms for a fun, energetic vintage vibe.

Watch as Michael Costello styles his model into a retro lady with fun, intricate pieces.

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