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Top 4 reasons small dogs make great friends

Who knew so much love could be packaged in 20 pounds or less? Furry friends bring joy to our lives and warmth to our hearts in ways we never thought possible. Forget diamonds: Small dogs make even better best friends. They help us shine in dull moments and sparkle when times are dark. Read on to discover why small dogs are great friends.

Chihuahua in boots

They look up to you

…both literally and figuratively. Small dogs have to look up to us due to height restrictions, but they actually do look up to us for more reasons than one. Compact cuties depend on you to provide care, love them and teach them life lessons. In return, they provide you with unconditional love. Now, that’s a sweet deal.


They’re ideal shopping buddies

If your little one loves being pampered, you might have just found the ideal shopping buddy. Take her to the nearest pet-friendly shopping center for a girls’ day out. She’ll help you find the best deals, styles and accessories. Best of all, you can count on getting her honest opinion. Treat her to an outfit, and you’ll have an ultra-stylish partner in crime.


They’re excellent listeners

Always attentive and focused on you, small pups make the best listeners. Whether you come home from a long day at work or have news you want to vent about, these little listeners curl right up on your lap and let you chat away. The best part is, they never criticize, disagree or gossip about it with their friends.


They’re great travel partners

Put them in your purse, carry-on or bike basket; as long as they’re with you, it doesn’t matter. Compact companions will withstand just about any condition to be by your side. Well-trained pups make excellent travel companions. With a little bit of pre-trip planning, vacationing with your little fur-kid can be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Small or big?

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