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DIY ceiling mobiles for the nursery

These creative ideas allow you to customize your baby’s nursery with coordinating elements, fun designs and materials that you wouldn’t typically think of when you think about a nursery mobile.

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Stick ceiling mobiles

These nature-inspired mobiles can be easily customized to fit your nursery decor and style. You can also create a mobile first as your focal point for the room and then build the room from there.

One of the easiest mobiles to make is one out of sticks. Simply gather as many sticks as you need – straight ones, preferably – sand down any jagged areas or break them to the desired length.

Stick ceiling mobile ideas

  • With one stick, securely tie a piece of fishing wire in the center of the stick. Tie three pieces of fishing wire, ribbon or string from the opposite side of the stick, then secure three items to hang.
  • With one large stick and two smaller sticks, securely tie a piece of fishing wire to the center of the large stick. Tie two pieces of fishing wire to the end of the large stick and secure the opposite ends to the two smaller sticks. Balance each smaller stick with hanging items to finish your mobile. Don’t worry if it doesn’t balance perfectly.
  • With two identical sticks, make an “x,” then secure the two sticks together at the center. Tie a piece of fishing wire to the center to hang the mobile from the ceiling. Add fishing wire, ribbon or string to the ends of the sticks and attach your items. This method can also be used with three or four sticks tied together in the center.

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Photo clip ceiling mobiles

Photo clip mobiles are an easy way to create a personalized nursery ceiling mobile. The hard part –the construction of the mobile itself — is done for you, so all you need to do is add your own designs.

Tip: Use lightweight items, as the clips do not support heavier items. Also, by using items that all weigh the same, it will keep the mobile balanced.

What to hang from a photo clip ceiling mobile

  • Flashcards
  • Pictures (use double-sided tape to attach two pictures – that way a picture is always showing)
  • Felt letters and numbers
  • Origami

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Wreath ceiling mobiles

Wreath mobiles can be made of wreath forms (wire, Styrofoam, wood, etc.), which come in a variety of sizes and make a great starting point for a ceiling mobile. All craft stores carry wreath forms and stitching hoops, so they are also very easy to locate and don’t cost a lot of money — so you won’t break the bank.

To start: Wrap yarn, fabric or ribbon around the wreath form or stitching hoop to hide the material underneath, or leave the wooden wreaths and stitching hoops exposed for a natural look.

To attach a wreath form to the ceiling: Tie four pieces of fishing wire, yarn or ribbon at four evenly spaced points on the circle. Tie a knot at the top and hang from the ceiling.

To hang items from the wreath form or hoop ring: Tie as many items as you want to it while keeping the balance of the hoop.

What to hang from a wreath form ceiling mobile

  • Paper cutouts
  • Streamers or colorful ribbon
  • Fabric or felt circles sewn like garland
  • Knitted or sewn stuffed animals or designs
  • Felt flowers
  • Paper circles in different sizes

Warning: Do not hang mobiles over your child’s crib, as it can be a hazard if it falls, breaks or if baby can reach it.

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