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Why small breeds make great pets

When it comes down to it, the traits every owner wants in a canine friend are loyalty and friendliness. Television would have you think that the only breeds with these characteristics are big, noble dogs with strength to boot; however, writing off small breeds as nothing but a pack of ankle-nipping yippers is dead wrong. Here are a few reasons why small breeds make great pets.

Young woman cudding with small dog

They love to play

Small breeds have tons of energy. Whether they’re out for a jog or playing tug-o’-war with your kids, small breeds are eager to play and have a good time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about kids getting pummeled by small breeds while playing.

They do great in the city

Leave the big, open fields and fresh farm air to Lassie. Your small-breed pup is able to handle the high life in the city and is happy to dwell in small homes and apartments. Take your little guy out for a walk on the town, or use puppy pads to save the time of traveling downstairs each time your dog needs to go potty. As long as your small pup is with you, he’s happy.

They shed less

Unlike big, hairy huskies and golden retrievers, small dogs don’t shed much; some shed hardly at all. If you’re looking to keep a tidy home and a cute companion, breeds such as Yorkies, shih tzus and rat terriers are great places to start.

They love to snuggle

Small breeds are lap dogs. That’s a great thing if you’re looking to cuddle with your new pet. Have them hop up on your lap as you read or watch television at night. They’re happy to just hang out with you.

They’re willing to protect

They might not be the most intimidating dogs on the block, but small breeds are just as good at informing their owners of intruders as large ones. Sure, they can’t take down a bad guy, but they will often bark and growl if they feel something is wrong. At the same time, they’re easily trained. They might not recognize your friend walking through the door, but they can be trained to look for hostile body language. That way, they can know a friend from a foe.

Small or big?

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