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Best small breeds for city living

When you think of a dog, you might think of a Lassie-esque animal frolicking through green fields, herding sheep and helping young Timmy out of tough situations. Just as there are different types of humans, though, there are different types of animals. If you’re the city-dwelling type, you need a companion that complements that lifestyle. Here are the best small breeds for living in the big city.

Woman with small dog


The itty-bitty Mexican pup is so tiny that your miniscule apartment will look like a castle in comparison. Just as their quirky looks suggest, Chihuahuas are loyal, funny dogs that are packed with mischievous personality. Taking a look at famous Chihuahuas (Paris Hilton’s purse-dweller included,) you’ll see that they’re quite docile and willing to go anywhere with their owners. They also can be stubborn, nervous and timid. Just as with humans, the personality of a Chihuahua largely depends on the temperament of the parents. Before you purchase your little guy, take some time to meet Mom and see what she’s like. Chihuahuas hate the cold and are inclined to shiver when their body temperatures drop too low. If you don’t live in a warm climate, you must be willing to spend the money on your energy bill keeping them warm.

Shih tzu

These precious little dogs look like teddy bears and often act like them, too. The sweet-humored puppies are loving and spunky, and they do great in an apartment setting. They can be trained easily to do their business on puppy pads, saving you the time of taking them down the elevator and outside every couple hours. While they can be active (and even hyperactive,) a daily walk allows them to exercise off a good amount of that frisky energy.


Whether you love the face or think it’s one that only a mother could love, pugs make great companions to city-dwellers. The scrunch-faced pups have their stubborn moments but are overall eager to please and pleasant. The pug’s mild-mannered nature also makes it a great dog to keep around kids. Pugs are a fairly active breed and are prone to wheezing and snoring thanks to their flat faces.


Otherwise known as wiener dogs, these stubby-legged canines are actually considered great guard dogs. Extremely loyal to its owner, the dachshund isn’t afraid to bark at unwelcome guests. Make sure to exercise your little guy every day; this breed is prone to obesity.

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