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3 Ways to conserve in the laundry room

Don’t let your laundry room be an energy hog! Here are some simple tips to save energy while you do laundry.

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Wash with cold water

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, 90 percent of the energy consumed for washing clothes is just for heating the water. You can dramatically reduce your energy use (not to mention your utility bills!) in the laundry room when you wash your clothes in cold water. By switching to coldwater washing and using Tide Coldwater you could save up to 80% of energy in every load and get a brilliant clean. **Based on conversion from warm/cold to cold/cold cycles for all loads in a traditional top-loading washing machine with an electric water heater.

Save vs. Splurge -- Wash with cold water

Splurge on a front-loading, energy-efficient washing machine to use 40 to 65 percent less energy and water on each wash.

Try new ways to dry

Line-drying is a great way to dry your clothes using no energy at all. Simply string up a clothesline in your backyard or use a clothes-drying rack inside your home. Clothesline drying also reduces the need to iron, as well as reduces wear and tear on your clothes.

Even if you don’t want to line dry your clothes completely, cut back your drying time and line dry for the last 10 to 15 minutes to achieve a soft, air-dried feel.

Also, when using your dryer, try setting it on the moisture sensor option so it automatically turns off when your clothes are finished drying. Also, clean your lint trap regularly to improve air circulation and reduce the amount of energy the machine uses to dry.

Save vs. Splurge -- Hang it out to dry

Save $25 a month on your electric bill when you choose to line-dry your clothes in the backyard. All you need is a good clothesline and some clothespins.

Splurge on a new-generation clothes dryer that includes helpful options such as moisture sensors to prevent overdrying and a steam cycle to minimize wrinkling.

Wash clothes less often

We don’t have to wash our clothes as often as we do. As Team Planet Green on TLC explains, “We Americans love being over-clean. This tip may not go over well in the States: You don’t need to wash your clothes just because you wore them once. Give them a sniff test and wear them again. It’s not gross. It’s smart.”

Conserve energy and reduce your monthly utility bill by doing laundry less often. Hang up hooks in your bathroom and let your bath towels dry between uses, rather than washing every time.

Save vs. Splurge -- Wash clothes less often

Splurge on more expensive clothes, wash them less and take better care of them. When cleaning, opt to wash in cold water to reduce wear and tear and extend the life of your favorite clothes. A good-quality laundry detergent can keep your clothes looking like new for a long time!

Quick Tip

When drying clothes, separate them into like fabrics to reduce drying time and save energy.

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