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Friday’s Fashion Obsessions: Taylor Swift and Snooki

Taylor Swift and Snooki’s looks made us do a double take this week! We’re telling you why in this week’s installment of Friday’s Fashion Obsessions.



Dare we say it? Snooki actually looked good this week! We know it’s hard to believe, right? The pint-sized Jersey Shore star has worn some iffy items in the past, and she often errs on the trashy side, but at New York Fashion Week this week, Snooki actually looked chic.

We’re loving the on-trend blue of this button-up, flowing top and are digging Snooki’s cute hair bow. We’re not quite sure if she’s rocking a black jumpsuit or just leggings and a black top, but we do know that the shade is flattering on the newly-slimmed down star.

The final verdict? For someone who usually looks Jersey Shore trashy, we’re pretty proud of Snooki here. She looks put together, chic and mature. Well done, girl!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Sure, Taylor Swift can sing, but she can also put together a darn cute outfit like no other. Fresh off a fashionable haute couture moment at the Grammys, Swift showed up for lunch with a friend in Los Angeles wearing an adorable black sheer dress with white hearts.

We love the look for several reasons. First off, Taylor is a young singer and she dresses well for her age. She doesn’t try to look 10 or 15 years older than she is and she doesn’t look trashy either. We also love that the look is feminine and flows but it also has a bit of sass to it — check out those fun oversize shades and the casual bag she’s toting.

The final verdict? Taylor has really perfected the art of toning down an outfit and knows how to mix different aspects of her personality — girly, spunky and chic — and put together a fun, flirty and mature look at the same time. We love you, Taylor!

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