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Tips for extending the life of your color

Coloring your hair is time-consuming and it can get expensive. Go easy on your schedule — and your wallet — by using these tips to help your hair color stay bright and keep your roots in check for just a little longer.

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Deep condition

The hair dye holds on to your hair’s protective outer layer, so when that becomes damaged, your color fades. Be sure to deep condition your hair within 24 hours of a color, and then repeat the process at least once a month. The healthier you keep the outer layer of your hair, the longer your color will stay vibrant.

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Wait between washes

You don’t actually need to wash your hair every day. Not only does it damage your hair, but it fades the color. Try to wash your hair every other day (make exceptions on particularly icky days!), and find a good dry shampoo to soak up grease on the days in between washings.

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Use shampoo for colored hair

Use a shampoo that’s formulated to be gentle on colored hair. These shampoos will still cause fading, so they’re not an excuse to shampoo more often. You do have to wash your hair sometimes, though, and these are the suds you should choose.

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Keep it cool

Hot water fades color fast, so when you do wash your hair, use cool water instead of hot. The cool water is also better for your skin, so make cool showers a habit.


Use a clarifying shampoo before you color your hair to help the color last longer.

Stay out of the sun

UV rays from the sun cause your hair color to break down a lot faster, so avoid them whenever possible if you’re trying to keep your hair color in check. There’s no need to hide inside during daylight hours — just use a hat or scarf when the sun is high or when you’ll be outdoors for a while.

Stay natural

Choose a hair color that’s close to your natural shade. This way, when the color starts to fade or grow out, it’ll be much less obvious and you won’t have to rush to the salon for a touch-up.

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