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Low-maintenance colors: The easiest hair colors to maintain

Spring is all about lightening up and going as natural as you can, but you still want to look good, right? Try these tips for color that looks great without much effort.

Rachel Bilson -- Ombre hair

Try brown

Brunette hair is pretty easy to maintain, and at-home color kits are as close to goof-proof as it gets in this shade. Feeling a little “Plain Jane?” You shouldn’t! There are tons of hues of brown to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits you perfectly.

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Highlights are easy to maintain because they don’t show regrowth as well as a full head of color. Go for highlights that are a few shades lighter and/or darker than your shade instead of streaks in a completely different color. These subtle highlights will be even less obvious when they start to grow out.

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Stay natural

The best way to have a low-maintenance hair color is to stay as natural as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid coloring your hair altogether. It just means you should try to stay as close to your natural color as you can.

A color that’s close to your actual color is probably your best look anyway, because it’s most likely to suit your skin tone and coloring. Think of color as a way to accentuate what you’ve already got, rather than change it up completely. If your color is similar to the shade you were born with, it’ll be a lot less obvious when your roots start to show.

Go ombre

Tired of your roots always showing? Go ombre! The ombre look is the perfect way to keep your dark roots but add a bit of color without the hassle. In this popular look, your hair is dark at the roots and gradually lightens toward the ends. The look is easy to maintain because showing roots is what the style is all about.

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Choose a solid shade

Two-tone hair styles are fun and sassy, but they’re tough to maintain. Opt for a single shade if you’re looking for a style you can touch up yourself.


If you’re looking for low-maintenance, stay away from shades of red. The intense, fiery look fades fast and needs lots of attention to look good.

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