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DIY stencil mugs

As beautiful as stenciled coffee cups are, collecting them can get rather costly! For the cost of just one mug at many specialty stores, you can create your own set of beautifully stenciled mugs!

DIY Stencil mug

In addition to being cost effective, this DIY project is a perfect crafting project for kids too and makes beautiful presents!

A stencil mug is the perfect craft project for those who are DIY newbies since it requires few steps, only a couple materials and requires absolutely no artistic talent. Impress your friends and family with stenciled mugs for their birthdays this year and make them think you spent hours on their gift or paid top dollar at Pottery Barn!


  • Plain white ceramic mug
  • Glass enamel paint in your choice of colors
  • Bendable patterned stencils (I used this one)
  • Set of different size and shape paint brushes
  • Duct tape

Step one:

  • Choose which stencil you’d like to use and hold it in place on the mug.
  • Using the duct tape, tape the stencil onto the mug to secure it. Be sure the stencil is taped tight so that the paint doesn’t smudge.
Step 1

Step two:

  • Choose which color paint you’d like to use and carefully begin painting in the lines of the stencil. Try to paint as much inside the lines as you can to avoid having paint smudge beneath the stencil, which will mess up the shape you chose.
Step two:

Step three: 

  • Let paint dry completely before you untape the stencil. Carefully untape and enjoy your mug!
  • To create a rim like the one shown above, simply blot a paintbrush dipped in the paint color of your choice along the rim of the mug. You can do this on the bottom rim of the mug as well.
.Step three: 

Why pay for a beautiful mug when it’s just as easy to paint your own?

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