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How to get shiny, smooth hair

Shiny hair used to be a trait for the lucky, but with today’s products and technology, anyone can get a smooth, pretty hairstyle packed with sheen, says Rosalie DiMaggio, ULTA salon manager based in Rego Park, New York. We asked DiMaggio to give us the step-by-step rundown of how to get the smoothest, shiniest hair.

Step 1: Wash your hair


This step seems easy and self-explanatory, but you want to make sure you’re washing with the right shampoo and conditioner. Shine-enhancing formulas exist on the market, but to get smooth hair, moisturizing products almost always work best. Wash thoroughly and leave the conditioner on throughout your shower. This way, you’ll get the most moisture possible in your hair.

Step 2: Towel dry


“After you are done washing, towel dry hair to take out excess water,” DiMaggio says. Towel drying will make sure you lock moisture in instead of blowing it out with a hair dryer. As a general rule, your hair would ideally be 70 percent dry before applying heat with a dryer.

Step 3: Add a shine product

Hair serum

Shine serums are good, but DiMaggio recommends adding Argan Oil into the mix. Add just “a tiny amount so you don’t make a greasy mess,” she says.

Step 4: Section your hair

Section your hair

Break your hair up into four different sections — two in the front and two in the back — to reduce frizz, DiMaggio says.

Step 5: Begin drying

Use a roundbrush

Slowly let down the sections of your hair and, using a round brush under each section, begin applying heat. A round brush will add volume to your look, even if you don’t want to add curl. If you want to add curl, apply extra effort at the tips of the hair by spinning the round brush inward as you dry. “Do not put the dryer on top of the hair,” DiMaggio says. “Keep a fair distance so you don’t burn.” Slant the hair dryer so it’s angled downward, focusing on applying heat down the hair shaft. This is a major step in adding shine.

Step 6: Finish off with product

Finish off with product

By now your hair should be shiny and packed with volume, but it’s always a good idea to take preventive measures to make sure your look doesn’t fade through the day. Sometimes hair sprays can reduce shine, so using a shine-enhancing spray is your best bet.

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