The dark side: 5 Ways to go dark for spring

Spring is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all bleached blonde. If you’re into a darker ‘do, there are ways to pull it off while still having the latest look.

Vaness Hudgens -- Ombre Hair

Get streaks

If you want a light ‘do with just a touch of dark, streaks may be just your thing. Rather than traditional highlights, which are usually scattered throughout your hair, streaks make a more bold statement. You usually need only two or three of these stripe-like additions to pull off a striking look that’s perfect for spring.

Like the look, but not sure if it’s for you? There’s no need to make a big commitment. Try hair extensions in brown, black or bright hues to add a gorgeous (and temporary!) streak effect to your style.

Go ombre

The ombre style is the perfect way to keep your dark roots but add a bit of color without the hassle. In this popular look, your hair is dark at the roots and gradually lightens toward the ends. The look is easy to maintain because showing roots is what the style is all about.

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The ombre trend looks great with a spring ponytail. Once you pull it back, you’ll notice the hair against your head is dark, but the tresses flowing from your ponytail are light and spring-ready.

Just a touch of light

If you love your dark ‘do but want to see it just a tad lighter this spring, consider caramel or bronze highlights. This subtle change can add a sun-kissed glow to your look without the sometimes tacky effects of light blonde streaks in darker hair. Add the color just in the front for a bolder look, and mix it in lightly throughout your hair for a more subtle change.

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Natural brunette

Embrace your inner brunette this spring by sporting a natural-looking head of brown hair. This look is perfect for spring when low-maintenance looks rule. Choose a single hue of brown and sport a simple cut, letting your flowing brunette locks speak for themselves.

Feeling a little boring? Look to the beautiful Kate Middleton for some brunette inspiration.

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If you’re a natural brunette, this season is the perfect opportunity to “get back to your roots.” If you’re a blonde, going dark couldn’t be easier — because your hair is already light, it should take the color easily without any prep.

Black beauty

Spring has a dark side, too. There’s no reason you can’t vamp it up a bit this spring with a head of beautiful black hair. Keep it a single shade (highlights on top of black tend to be a little much!), and choose a blunt cut to really make a statement. Keep it short and sassy, or leave it long and slick it back in a harsh ponytail or up-do. This is the perfect opportunity for bangs, as well — think Katy Perry if you’re looking for a way to keep it cute.

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