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How to cover up gray in between coloring your hair

You should only need to color your hair every six to eight weeks, but sometimes gray hair shows up much sooner. Follow these tips to safely and effectively cover up gray in between coloring your hair.

Woman with freshly covered roots

Even if you dye your hair religiously every two months with permanent hair color, you can find gray hairs popping up in a week or two. You don’t want to color your hair all over every week — that would be too time-consuming, costly and damaging to your hair. Instead, consider these alternative ways to keep the gray hair away.

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Brew a pot of coffee

Believe it or not, you can cover up unwelcome strands of gray hair with coffee. Coffee is a natural alternative to chemical dyes and works well between coloring your hair. Add a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a gallon of brewed (cooled) coffee. Pour the mixture slowly through your hair, and repeat 10 times. Wring out the excess liquid, and then wait 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing your hair with cool water. Unfortunately, this method of covering your gray doesn’t work immediately and only works for brunettes. You’ll need to repeat the process several days in a row to see results.

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Consider hair powders

You have probably heard of hair powders and dry shampoos that can add volume to your hair. Some men also use them to help “fill in” thinning areas. Well, the same colored powders can sometimes be used to cover your grays. These powders usually don’t work that well for blonde women with dark roots, but they can work in a pinch for brunettes who want to cover up a little gray hair.

Try coloring sticks

You’ve likely seen these sticks in beauty supply stores. They are comprised of wax and colorants. You need to apply the stick sparingly and carefully. If you use too much, it will make your hair look clumpy and completely fake — especially in direct sunlight. This isn’t the best way to camouflage grays, but might work for a quick fix for a day or two, especially in low light.

Just dye your roots

Fortunately, there are hair color products that allow you to easily just dye your roots. Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up allows you to stretch out the time between coloring. It comes with just enough color to do your part, hairline and other small touch-ups. Root Touch-Up works in just 10 minutes and blends seamlessly with 100 percent gray coverage. It comes with a precision brush for easy, quick application, and the color lasts up to three weeks.

Keep in mind

To stop your gray hair from looking so noticeable, avoid extremely dark hair colors like jet black. Instead, opt for lighter, natural shades to help disguise grays.

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