Best brunette tones for spring

Want to give yourself an updated look for spring? Start with a new sundress and some bright red lipstick. Then take it a step further by updating your hair with a beautiful brunette color.

Woman with brown hair in the spring

Here’s your guide to choosing the best brunette shade for spring.

Check your coloring

The first step in choosing a new hair color is to evaluate your coloring to determine if your skin tone is cool or warm. Start with your skin tone and eye color.

Cool-toned individuals tend to have darker colored eyes and either dark, olive-toned skin or pale skin with pink undertones. Hair colors in the cool category include deep browns, golden browns and sandy blondes. Cool-toned women look better in jewel-toned clothing, like blues, greens, purples and pinks.

On the flip side, if your skin has golden undertones, or if you’re freckled or ruddy with hair in the red or strawberry blonde category, you likely fall into the warm category. Warm-colored individuals usually have golden brown, green or hazel eyes with golden tones. Earth-toned clothing in yellows, oranges and browns look better on “warm” women.

Quick Tip

Having trouble figuring out if you’re warm or cool? Hold a piece of yellow fabric or gold jewelry against your face while looking in the mirror, and then hold up a piece of silver fabric or silver jewelry. Which looks best? If it’s yellow or gold, you’re warm. If it’s silver, you’re cool!

Now that you know if you’re warm or cool, it’s time for the fun part — choosing your brunette tone for spring!

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Cool skin -- Anne Hathaway

Best “cool” brunette tones

These cool-toned brunette shades are perfect for bringing out the natural beauty in women with cool-colored skin tones.

  • Dark champagne — A cross between blonde and brown, dark champagne is a perfect shade for natural blondes who want to darken things up a bit.
  • Light ash brown — There’s no need to worry about any unflattering reddish hues showing up on your lush locks with this cool-toned brunette color. Go for a lighter shade of ash to brighten things up for the warm weather.
  • Dark chocolate brown — Make a statement with a rich, deep chocolate brown. Remember, if you’re taking your hair more than two shades lighter than its current color, be sure to consult a professional colorist first.

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Jessica Alba --- warm skin

Best “warm” brunette tones

Choose from any of these warm-toned brunette shades to bring out your inner glow.

  • Golden brown — Add dimension and shine with this sunny, golden-brown shade.
  • Honey — Try a versatile shade like honey brown, which complements a range of skin tones. This light brunette tone looks great with the addition of blonde highlights.
  • Copper — For a rich, saturated look, go for copper brown. If the thought of a copper hue is a little daunting, try a semi-permanent color before making a long-term commitment.

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