Exclusive: The Bachelorette‘s Ashley Hebert shows us her style

Former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert invites SheKnows to her favorite store in New York City for an impromptu Alice & Olivia style session during 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

You saw her find true love last season on The Bachelorette, and now Ashley Hebert is revealing another side of her personality, exclusively to SheKnows: Her adorable fashion sense.

Since we were in town for Fashion Week, we asked Ashley to take us to her favorite New York City spot to give us all her attire advice. She immediately suggested Alice & Olivia in Bryant Park.

“If you go look in my closet, I would probably say that 50 percent is Alice & Olivia,” Ashley told us. “It’s just perfect.”

Though she tried to convince us she isn’t a “stylish person,” we had to beg to differ. Dressed in a gold sequin blazer and black skinny jeans, Ashley looked right on point, in line with the Fashion Week festivities.

Ashley Hebert takes SheKnows to her favorite store in NYC
Ashley Hebert trys on her favorite Alice + Olivia pieces
Ashley Hebert takes SheKnows to her favorite store in NYC

“I’m really selective with what I like to wear,” said Ashley. “The first and foremost thing is, I like something sexy, but also classy and girly at the same time. I’ll never let go of my skinny jeans and sequins.”

Ashley’s humble opinion of herself and infectious positivity are just a few of the traits we admire about the recent dental school grad, but we were also totally wowed by her great taste in clothes.

“I don’t like a lot of patterns, but the patterns here, you can mix and match with solid colors,” Ashley raved. “I just love classic pieces that I can keep forever, and keep mixing and matching…”

But it’s not only designer labels for this lady, Ashley admits she too shops at the cheap stores sometimes.

“I’m kind of a deal seeker,” she said. “If there’s something good at Forever 21, I’m not opposed to shopping there for a lot of the basics. The label doesn’t really matter to me.”

This little chat is only the tip of the iceberg on our day with Bachelorette Ashley. Be sure to check back next week when we’ll chat about her cutie, J.P. Rosenbaum.

P.S. Ashley told us that he is a superb chef and is whipping up a special dinner for her sweetie tonight for Valentine’s Day. Can they get any cuter?

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