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Coco Austin’s top four WTF fashion moments

As one half of the dynamic duo on the hit reality show Ice Loves Coco, Coco Austin won her way into the hearts of viewers last season. She returned to the small screen Sunday and Monday night in a two-part season premiere on E!, and to celebrate, we found it fitting to recap some of her more… err, interesting, fashions.

Let me be completely honest here: I adore Ice Loves Coco. In a world filled with trashy reality TV (Kardashians, I’m talking about you!), it’s refreshing to see a loving, albeit a little goofy, couple like Ice T and Coco.

With that said, Coco has had some rather interesting fashions over the years (and that’s putting it nicely!). Just for kicks, here are some of her craziest looks.

Wild woman

Coco Austin: Wild woman

Coco always likes to look good for her man, but she sort of missed the fashion mark here. Sure, leopard is a hot print and all, but belly shirts and skin tight pants aren’t exactly mature, girl — at least not in public. You have killer curves, so show them off in a cute but classy way. Might we suggest something with a bit more coverage, maybe?!

Hot mess

Coco Austin: Hot mess

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Coco likes to flaunt her, umm, best assets, and they’re a tad more covered here than usual, but they’re still trashy looking. My eyes literally are in pain looking at this print, too.

Bad in black

Coco Austin: Bad in black

We get it, sweetie, you like to show off your boobs. But this one’s just wrong. Even chesty gals can still look classy, but here, Coco misses the mark completely. We see your boobs when we look at this picture, Coco, not you.

Fashion Week flop

Coco Austin: Fashion week flop

I’m sort of surprised. OK, maybe not surprised, but scared that Coco wore this ensemble to Fashion Week, of all places. Yellow, I like, but this looks like a case of Big Bird gone wrong. What is with that hair, girl?! The dress is fine on its own, sure, but again, her boobs are a little too front and center — not the good kind, like front row seats — and this look is too much hoochie, too little haute couture.

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